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Friday, June 17, 2005

Its all over now

TeenStreet is officially over for this year...hooray...tear...sigh...laugh....ahhhh!!! This week has been a blast and i have thouroughly enjoyed getting to know over 200 students from all over india...

this week was fun, but also overwhelming...8 americans joined the OM campus this past week...this adding to the three americans, one UKer, and Dutchman that were already here. Lets just say i am way overwhelmed with accents, english, and just pure whiteness!!! never thought i would be so overwhelmed by so many of the motherland peeps...


Anonymous dreameagle said...

UKer - thanks so much boy. We're called Brits, or English, or Mongrels when it comes to me, as I'm a little bit of everywhere I've been.

It must be more overwhelming now as well.

you have a german to add to the mix.

12:06 AM


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