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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A night of Prayer and Worship

This past weekend I had the opportunity to join with about 50 Indians and a group from Nebraska in a half night of prayer and worship. I was stoked about this evening from the time I had found out about it earlier that morning. I was stoked to worship in a group setting and to pray for India and the World as well. What was cool though was how God through me into a leadership role that night.

One of the girls from Nebraska (Crystal), was supposed to Co-lead worship with one of the Indians (Bobby) who leads normally here for the Good Shephard Community Church. She had picked out the songs for the evening and Bobby was going to lead some and Crystal would lead some...

Well a young woman from the states on the Campus was very ill. Crystal and the girl (Tessa) had and have become really close friends in the last six weeks, and Crystal felt she needed to go to the hospital with Tessa...

To make a long story short, Crystal threw me into her position of Co-leader and handed me the music we would be doing that night. I am going through the songs and checking off the list in my head...

know it
know it
know it

uh....don't know it...The one i didnt know was a Jeremy Camp song called 'Empty Me'. No problem It's an easy one...(i learned it in about ten minutes). thirty minutes after I had recieved the information that I was going to co-lead, a group of us were practicing the Bobby to be found anywhere. 10 minutes (this could be a small exageration, maybe 25) before we were supposed to lead worship, he shows up...we quickly go through the songs and how we are going to sing them...blah blah blah.

I am going to let you in on a little secret...i love to lead and i love leading worship. And this night was one of the coolest and spirit filled nights i have had in a while. The worship went well. and the new song was a hit...Even though i began the song alone...(no one on the worship team wanted to we plowed ahead.)

the rest of the night of prayer was amazing and very fulfilling and spirit led. this was probably one of the coolest times of worship and prayer that i have had in the last four years. it may have been the atmosphere, it may have been the people, it might have been what we prayed for, but i am pretty sure it was because God was there!!

That night in the rainy motorcycle ride and the indian on the bike were singing at the top of our lungs 'empty me' by Jeremy Camp. I have fallen in love with this song...and made it the mini-anthem of the month for me. here it is...

Empty Me (click for the amazon clip. also a good purchase for the cd worship collection)

Holy Fire, Burn away
My desire, for anything
That is not of you, and is of me
I want more of you
and less of me

Empty me, Empty me
Fill Me
With you, With you

Later that night i actually learned how to play this song on the guitar. It now has more meaning and depth giving the fact that i can play it and sing it at the same time...


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