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Friday, July 22, 2005

Today (this didnt really happen)

-Today-(written today)
I tried to have an intelligent conversation
My tongue got tied into undecipherable jargon

I tried to write a poem today
The rhymes just wouldn't come

I tried to create a magnificant picture
The ink blotted and the paint smeared

I tried to sing a song today
My voice didn't want to sing along

I tried to get my thoughts together
I wasn't in the 'right' state of mind

I tried to read a book today
The text was completely in code

I tried to complete the daily crossword
Couldn't get pass One Across...'Dog'?

I tried to play the guitar today
The chords wouldn't let my fingers strum

I decided I didn't do much today
However I did write down what I tried to do

...Ever have one of those days??

-The Beautiful Girl-(written my junior year of high school)
Beautiful girl standing next to me
You said that you needed to leave
Beautiful girl why Can't you see
No girl wants to spend time with me
Beautiful girl with your eyes so blue
You have lit up this entire room
Beautiful girl with your hair so brown
No other girl turned my life around
Beautiful girl in your pretty prom dress
I'm sorry, but I'm not one to impress
Beuatiful girl I dont know how to dance (it doesnt matter)
You wouldn't even give me a chance
But beautiful girl I'll let you go home
I really don't like you, just this poem


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