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Thursday, May 18, 2006


I have to say. I have been on a few walks lately. And a few of these walks have been quite humourous. Now I know it is not really all that funny to laugh at other peoples fears. But...Heck I will let you decide.

Walk One:

My lady friend ( I call her lady friend. She is my girlfriend. She is wonderful. But I don't think it would be right to disclose personal things as she will remain lady friend.) and I went on a walk the other night. It was in the middle of this huge business park. Not a huge trail. But good enough for walking...or so we thought. There was a nice little pond and such in the middle of the trail area. Beautiful actaully. But with the pond like thing came many bird like things. All sorts of types and sizes. Normal birds, bird birds, bats, geese, and ducks.

So my lady friend and I are walking around the trail. And one of the geese starts to make funny noises and starts to lower its neck and looks like it is about ready to nip at our shoes. Now I find this hilarious. The hoarse noise coming out of the winged fellows bill is humourus. The problem is, my lady friend has a major fear of birds and the dark. Now seperatly these are not so bad. But place the two together and you have an unbeatable combination of complete TERROR!

When the bird was doing his little song and dance...She flipped. She ran. I mean...RAN! She sqeeked and sqeeled. She was seriously afraid. I hugged her and tried to comfort, but I found the situation rather funny. I laughed. No, not just some smirk. Not a chuckle. No, I was doubled over in hysterics...and then I felt bad. We quickly ran away and found a much better place to talk and watch the stars. About 35 minutes away...

Walk Two:

Last night. Her and I were walking again. I love our walks. I enjoy our walks. I enjoy holding her hand and talking about absolutely nothing and yet everything all at once. I like how she gets closer and closer when it gets darker and darker.

We have a special trail that we have been to a few times now. It is within a safe walking distance from her apartment. It is a little nature trail that is hidding between to competing apartment complexes and then goes out into a wetland sort of area.

Well we begin walking. We chose a different path than we have been on before. We begin our adenture down the winding and unknown trail. We are talking about magazines and wedding dresses. (No, need to panic. The wedding dress question was just a curious question.) We are holding hands. And as I said before, the darker it gets, the closer she gets to me.

Well she is about to answer the wedding dress question when off to her left something rabid, scary, and deathly lethal comes out of the bushes. She screams of course. I laugh. (defense mechanism) And her nails begin to dig into my ever so NOT skinny BUT very flat tire-ish flabdominals.

I leave her and go to figure out what the little thing is. I take a few steps. Chirp chrip.

"It's a little bird" I whisper back to her.

"I am afraid of birds" She cries

I chase it for a little while. It seems to be hurt. I want to help.

"Come back to me" arms flailing and heart racing she cries.

I come back. I don't run. I walk with purpose. Or thats what I thought.

We hug. And then continue on. I convince her it will be fine.

Yea...That is until the cat jumps out of the bushes off to her left. This time the nails go deeper. And there is no way she is going to continue on this trail.

We immediately turn around. She is breathless. She is afraid. Really afraid. When I asked what she was afraid of a few days before. I didn't really understand how bad this fear of birds and the dark were. I was worried. I was geniunely not understanding. And I thought. Well Ben, this is where you have to think not just of yourself but her needs and fears as well. You have to comfort. I didn't know how.

My sides hurt. I foud the situation laughable. Just as much as the two of us walking into a spider web at the entrance of the trail and both of us flailing like mad people. I know that someday she will she the little bird running scared from her as laughable. But today...well, you decide.


Blogger sajini said...

flabdominals!!!!!! HAHA FUnny!! Your posts are great Benji. Do people call you that? Hey I have a favor to ask you. Can you sent me Renji's email add? You ccent write it on my blog and then delete ur comment. Thanks

2:57 PM

Blogger Erin said...

I personally tend to agree with Ambers actions in these scenarios. Things you can't see rustling around in bushes, cats jumping out of brush, geese nipping at your heels? All of those scenarios are something I would react to also . . .it must be a girl thing. :)
Also, never underestimate birds . .even baby ones. Seeing a baby bird just means that the parent birds are somewhere close by and are going to be even more pissed at seeing you in their territory close to their offspring. Those things (birds) are shifty! Who knows what they are going to do next!

8:42 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The word was cantata, it hit me last night. My "man friend"/husband thought I was losing it as I exclaimed the word I had been searching for since Sat night.
I am sorry to hear about Lady Friends fear! I too have not looked at birds the same since the movie Birds. I still remember I was 16 and watched it alone in a dark house with the kid sleeping. Bad move!
Have a great day Ben,

5:47 AM


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