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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The 4th

Amber and I drove to the beach today. On our little adventure something happened. Yep! Someone was driving too fast. Someone got a ticket. Someone has to go to Astoria to get it fixed (or send cash in the mail).

Let this be a lesson to you all! Slow DOWN!!! Cops are not our friends! And they most certainly are not nice...especially on the 4th!

The fireworks display up at Kaylas was amazing this year.

As usual there were many forms of illegal "Works" present. about 75 people turned up for the now famous show. The oos and awes of the croud were brilliant. The nite sky was perfect. The horizon ahead filled with spurts and splatters of other homes measley fireworks. The smoke. The laughs. The warmth of the evening. It was awesome. Until...

Towards the end of the show one of the mortors tipped over. The firework shot into the nearby forest and exploded. Then it quickly turned and was soon spewing sparks at the un-anticipated and unaware audience. The fireworks were everywhere. Claiming souls and lives right and left...Kidding! A few got tagged. No one was hurt.

I walked away witha few nail marks from Amber's lovely nails!

And we all walked away with a laugh and a story to tell the grandkids!

But the funniest part was Kayla. She at the time had a two year old in her lap when the fireworks decided to have a little fun with us. When the fireworks headed our way what did Kayla do?? Here is a first hand account of what happened. In slow motion so you can catch every detail.

Mortor tips.

Fireworks explode towards us.

Kayla dives off her chair baby in hand.

She screams! "I've got a BABY!!!"

She then proceeds to place that baby between her and the fireworks.

Pretty heroic huh?

I laughed pretty hard. The baby was not hurt. In fact it was asleep at the time and never woke up during the whole "scary" moment.

So kids, the lesson is: Do not ever ever ever ever let Kayla hold you duringa fireworks display!


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