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Sunday, July 02, 2006

"Look a Wookie!"

A good friend of mine from a summer camp I worked at got married today. My girlfriend Amber and I drove up to Bellingham, Washington to participate in the wedding. I was origionaly supposed to sing in the wedding, but had to bow out because of my obligations (wonderful as they were) in Katy and Renjy's wedding.

So early Sunday morning Am and I hopped in the car with a cooler full of ice and water. (We bought these really cool glass bottles of water...I think it was called VOSS. Check it out!!) So, we drove through the wonderful state of Washington. (This by the way is the only state besides Colorado that I think I could manage to live in, other than Oregon)

This was our first roadtrip. Other than the beach. We had blast. We arrived a few hours early to the wedding though. As we were driving around the "Majestic" as the wedding hall was called we noticed something funny.

In the car ahead of us was a very hairy man. Afro and beard. Without thinking I blurted out, "Look! Theres a wookie in that car!" Amber laughed pretty hard.

We laughed even harder when the now proclaimed "wookie" got up to sing a song in my friends wedding.

Amber lightly nudged me and said, "Look! The wookie is at the wedding!"

It may not be funny to any of you...but it certainly was hiliarious to her and me.


Anonymous Amber said...

That was an awesome trip with you. I had a great time. And that story still makes me laugh. I'm not sure why it was so funny. Definitely need to plan another roadtrip soon. :o)


12:35 PM


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