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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dentist Woes

Today, I spent an entire three and a half hours in the dentist chair. I watched Pirates of the Caribbean and was able to quote, (in my head) most of the movie.

Four hours you say? Yea, the duder who had worked on my teeth in India (nice guy) messed up royally on my teeth. At the moment I suffer from TMJ. My jaw clicks like a walnut opener, no walnuts to be found though. The three crowns were too big. One of them was a double crown, connected across two teeth. When my dentist took this off, he not so pleasantly and, to my horror, found a half done root canal and a fairly sizable cavity under the crown. I was worried and at the same time bummed that anyone would do that to me.

I am in some pain right now. On major pain medication. Can't really eat and enjoy the food I am eating.(anyone who knows me, knows I love to eat and see it as a form of worship and thanks)

Also pray that God provides the monies needed to pay for my dental work. I am poor. I am looking at going to India with the Village team again this year.

I am currently in debt about $7,000 to my dentist.

But he is nice. I like him. He does a good job. And I get to watch movies.


Blogger angelp said...

Am now seriously freaked about seeing the dentist here in India! How come Leah gets hers done fine, but yours are screwed up?? Aaahhhhhhhh. Miss you duder! It's so very quiet in this place without you!
Check out my blogs huh - and leave a message/comment!!


8:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

word to your dentist. i am exuding empathy right now; i too have had bad tastes left in my mouth by dentists. since they make so much $$$ they seem to act as if everyone else does too (how else do they justify charging so damn much?).

2:36 PM


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