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Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Rock Creek Tavern

Went to the Rock Creek Tavern tonight. Enjoyed some great food. Great company...Katy and Renjy and Amber. Had some good laughs. Good thoughts. Good times. And heard some really good music.

I had never been there before...and I really liked it. Liked my beer. Liked my tator tots and honey-musterd and ranch. But I especially like the music. There was a live band. The Red Rubber Band. A Five piece. Acoustic guitar, Viola, flute, percussion, and saxophone. These guys had an Edwin McCain, Dave Matthews band, and a little bit of folk wrapped into them. The four of us really were into the music and did not want to leave when the bill came. I hope to hear these guys again, cuz they be gooooooooooood (Bruce Almighty Style)!!!


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