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Friday, May 18, 2007

Shrekthe third the not so good!

Went and saw Shrek the Third tonight with about 60 middle school students. I sat on the floor with Amber. There were no seats left when we got to the theater. Apparently Century had sold more tickets than seats to this particular showing. This may add to the lameness and nastiness of my review.

The story has no point. It has no end. It has no NOTHING. The second Shrek was good. This Shrek...not so good. The humor was just not there for me this time. Nothing that stood out. Nothing great. Nothing new. Just old Shrek getting a few twisted tricks and gags pulled into it. I hate to say it, but it has run its course. One of the things that turned me off was Justin Timberlake is in the movie. Yea yea...he is hot right now. The thing is, he is a horrible actor...and his character is really lame! Nothing funny about him. I will say however that there is one scene that really made me laugh. The Merlin scenes are funny and that is about it. I laughed a little, but not much.

Let me know if you laughed too. Or didn't laugh.


Blogger Amber said...

Oh..the interesting memories we make.

Watching bad movies while sitting on the dirty theater floor, not too mention the random, unattended 3 year olds running around.

9:42 AM


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