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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Andy Osenga-Letters to the editor Vol. 2

Andy Osenga has a new album out, actually it's a six song EP. I have been waiting for something new from Andy for a while. His first Letters to the editor was good, real good. The best thing about these two EP's is that they are FREE on his website or you can donate to the cause if you are a little richer than the normal dude.

I recommend this album to you all. Be prepared though, Andy is not your shiny plastic bar code Christian singer, he covers the tough stuff and has you aching for more. I found myself crying when I heard the song "Four Horses". When you download it there is an extra file that has pictures and reasons and explanations for all the songs.

You may remember Andy from when he came and sang with Caedmon's Call at Sunset Pres a few Octobers ago.

Another cool note is that my friend Crystal Davy from India sings and plays the penny whistle on the album.

Click here to get the new album


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