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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Top Ten or so albums for 2009

I know that many of you who read this blog wonder what my assessment of the 2009 goods are. One of my rules when picking albums were that they had to completely shake me and make me think about deeper things in life. Some of the albums on this list made me think deeper about my faith and deeper about my marriage and deeper about a whole bunch of wonderful and scary things. At the end of the list are a few that didn't quite make it, but were really good, just didn't compel me as much as the others.

So in no particular order...(With links to artist pages on left and where to purchase the album on the right)

Andy Gullahorn-The Law of Gravity

Andy Osenga-Choosing Sides

Sara Groves-Fireflies and Songs

Derek Webb-Stockholm Syndrome

Eric Peters-Chrome

Jason Gray-Everything Sad is Coming Untrue

David Wilcox
-Open Hand

David Bazan-Curse your Branches

Fiction Family-Fiction Family

Comeback Album of the year...

Train-Save me San Francisco

Good, but didn't make the cut...(Sorry guys no links here, just so time consuming, you all know how to use the search engines!)

Switchfoot-Hello Hurricane
David Crowder-Church Music
Christy Nockels-Life Light Up
Ingrid Michaelson-Everybody
Mike Doughty-Sad Man Happy Man
Sleeping At Last-Storyboards
William Fitzsimmons-The Sparrow and The Crow
Relient K-Forget and Not Slow Down

And coming soon...Best Movies of 2009


Blogger Stella said...

Ingrid Michaelson is probably my FAVORITE. I also loved Regina Specktors new album. An album called by Two White Horses and the new Wilco album as well. I also really got into Adele. She rocks.

Thanks for the list!

7:48 AM


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