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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Nothing Is Sound-A Review


Recenlty (two weeks ago) I was given a copy of the new Foot album. Being in India...this is way cool and amazing to recieve such a pays to know certain people who are higher up...Jon and his wife will be here in Hyderabad in October...

The Album: B-E-A-UTIFUL!!! this is by far the best Foot album EVER!!! There are not many slow ballads like the old stuff...but it is still worth it...Switchfoot will take over this MTV nation...

The boys get better and better with every concert and recording...over the past two weeks this album has grown on me...there are little tidbits of genuis hidden amongst the blaring guitars and amazing drum thrashing...and Jon's lyric writing has once again improved to prove that he has an awesome gift from God to be able to put life into words for so many people to hear.

The highlight of the album is definately "the shadow proves the sunshine". this song is beyond "holy crap" amazing!!! This song alone was played at least thirty times a day...i cannot and will not be able to get enough of it...

overall...the Nothing is Sound album is Hot!!! Get your copy on September 13th!!! Seriously! you will not be dissapointed!!



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