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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Thematic Elements

Bright lights crave the attention of the stage
An audience is caight between two worlds
They have come to be captivated and sedated
Inside these walls the agony of today fades
Intricate sets and backdrops claim their lonesome space
To fill the void that our business does not convey
Oohs and awes, gasps and laughs
Heres to another round of un-timed claps

The plot it is a misunderstood one
Something about "understanding the heart"
The songs are not so easily sung
Melodies and harmonies pulling each other apart
The director is a certified nut case
He came drunk on the shows opening night
The actors sleep walk across the stage
Blinded by beams of trigger happy lights

Simple monologues of obscurity ring true
Actors arranged to fill a certain empty place
The music director waves his magical wand
Lush and compulsive is the sound that is heard
Outside critics share their melodramatic static
Ripping apart the genuis of the playwrite
Oohs and awes, gasps and laughs
How did it come to end so fast

How often have I been to this show? To many times to count. I seem to find myself on a stage of misfits and indivivduals just trying to fit in. I walk amongst people who are just as lonely as me. The odd thing is how lonely we are when we are all together. My life is my stage. My stage is my faith and where it leads me. There may be times that a boss shows up drunk. There may be times I feel like I am sleepwalking through this world...just passing through. My soundtrack is anything but simple and Top 40. My heart is the hardest part of me to understand...and no matter how many studies, thoughts, dreams, conversations, songs, radio station interviews that I listen to, I will never understand myself...or the true heart of the Playwrite. All I can do is reherse my lines and give my best. Whether the critics believe it or buy into it, is not up to me. My job is to play the role assigned. I do not wish for awards or recognition like the others...I just want to have the story illustrated for the world to see...


Blogger hilary43beverly said...

damn good blog, check out mine, comments always welcome!

7:15 AM

Anonymous dreameagle said...

I am constantly amazed by you. who you are, how you think. I'm really glad that I have a chance to get to know you a little better each time that we meet!!


By the way, lurve the sexy new look of you!! The girls will love it

12:13 AM


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