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Monday, August 15, 2005

-A Reflection-

Today was TeenStreet Reflections day...

We had about 20 students come back for a day filled with testimonies, worship, crazy competitions, a slide show, dramas, and a few short talks.

I was in charge of the Comp and man was it a blast. I was once again taken back to my days at Raft Rally and Summer Scream. The students are getting to think me as some crazy guy who dreams up weird competitions. We played variations on AWANA classics, Summer Scream Tug 'o' War, and Raft Rally's Hydro-Global-Thermal-Nuclear-War...Only it rained the entire day...and instead of six teams...we had Two...and we added a new line into the is now known to the indians as...Hydro-Global-Thermal-Nuclear-RAIN-War. I seriously had a blast teaching this to the youth and all its secrets to the Indians...They LOVED it!

Some of the reflections were great too...these students never cease to blow me away with their intelligence and their passion to know Christ for real. Students seemed to really grasp their need for good friends and student mentoring. They seem to understand that they are the future of India. And they have a great passion to see this country infatuated with Christ.

One of the things that I learned today 'again' was the idea of prayer and how many different ways there are to pray. There are so many things that surround us in our daily lives that can be instigators for prayer. I believe God is showing me that their are many ways to know Him, but there are also many ways to connect with His people. One of those ways of connecting is through prayer.

So overall the day was a good day...students had fun...I saw some old friends...and had a blast doing what brings me Happiness.

Please pray for the Youth of India and their mission to this country and the people in this country.


Blogger Nate M. Hanson said...

Hey Ben, I just listened to Nothing is Sound (don't ask me how, sufice to say I was one of the first to hear it.) If you think Stars is great, there are a bunch of songs that you'll find awesome.

Their best yet. Second would be Learning to Breathe.


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