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Friday, August 19, 2005

Signpost to where??

I am the sign on the side of the highway
You know, the one giving the distances
I'll tell you how far it is from here to Coopers Rock
And you can trust me, I know my facts
But that's just it, don't you see?
I can point you towards Coopers Rock, but I've never been there
Now the sign that says "Welcom to Coopers Rock"
He can tell you everything you need to know
I may konw facts about the desination
But I have no knowledge of what Coopers Rock is like
There are moments I wish I wasn't stationed here
I really want to KNOW what the welcome sign KNOWS
But this sign shall remain a guide post of FACTS
Until a swerving semi crushes me and my job as a dirctor ends...

As a Christian believer and follower of Christ, I am required to be a model example who is pointing others around me towards knowing Christ.

I have a huge passion to see the youth of this world earnestly seeking after God with all of their heart, soul, and mind. For years I have volunteerd my time to spend it encouraging and mentoring youth. But one of the things that haunts me daily is whether I am moving along with these youth in the pursuit of Christ, or am I like a sign on the side of the road giving much needed information, (50 miles to the heart of Christ) but staying rooted in the place I stand pointing the direction un-moved.

I may understand facts about who God is. I might know insights on how to draw near to God. I might be able to find certain things in scripture. Or do certain things for the ministry. And yet unless I know HIM, NOT FACTS, I will end up like a road sign pointing the way to HIM, but really just waiting the day for a huge semi-truck to swerve and crush me.

Basically are you a signpost pointing and knowing the facts/steps to get to said destination. Or are you someone who knows the facts, but also KNOWS HIM and constantly experiences and pursues HIM daily??


Blogger amber lynne said...

i don't know you, but i think i know just what you mean. very well put

4:30 PM


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