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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A New Day

Dusty roads lead to the unknown, although someone must know to where
Remote control car engines run this country, by way of the scooter
Fresh mango and coconut smells, invade upon the cow dung air
Bare foot and callused they tread across these swarming streets

A call to prayer is heard at fifteen till six
A new sunrise paints with blues and greys
Brilliant colors of the ladies clothes ignite
Stray dogs cower in their corners awaiting the fight

And my heart could not be more full than this
For I know that today is a gift for which I live
Oh Father thank you for sending me here
Oh Father let me be your servant in India

I am yours…I am yours…I am yours


Anonymous alicia patterson said...

Hey ben,
This is Alicia, from back in July when i went to India with the Nebraska team. Kent just told me about your blog so i thought i would check it out, and man, you have some great views on things...and i never knew you wrote songs. Man your good. As i was reading your blog and i checked out Crystal's. I miss India soo much. Exciting news tho. Im coming back on June 20th if all works out. and I will be there for 6 weeks. I cant wait,it will be me and my sister.
I really miss it there. Im sure you sorta know what im talking about when i say that. But yea. I just wanted to leave you a note and say Hi. I miss ya' ben. your a cool cat:) Take care and just know that im praying for ya and the whole country of India.
God Bless
In Christ Alone

5:52 PM


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