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Monday, September 12, 2005

American Football

I have to admit something here on the blog. I want to be honest and open with all ye all. This weekend I was freakishly giddy. I was so excited for the football season to begin. I had shivers...couldn't sleep...was in anticipation of how the games would turn out. I am in four, yes four fantasy leagues...and well...I have some good teams...

This is odd to me...three years ago...I didn't really follow football...just something to watch on the fact I really liked college football back then...but now, is all about the american football league...three years have passed...and I am now in my third fantasy season...and this year i finally understand most of the rules...and can keep up with Rob Fuller and Scott Moore...somewhat...

So will this fantasy season yeild a winning season? Will it yeild a championship? Or will I get squashed like every other year? I have a feeling that this year holds many good things for the teams of Ben in India.

After week one...I am week will be better...

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