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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Tennis in the morning...

The last two evenings of my life have been spent watching some really good Tennis...

Yep...I said Tennis...No, I am not crazy and I am not completely sold on the sport.


Nadal and Blake at 2:00 AM was a great match to see...amazing skills and finesse!

And then last night...Maria and Sania!!! Wow! Two 18 year old chicks who can seriously hit a Tennis ball and LOOK good doing it!!

Tennis is slowly growing on me! Although I seriously need some I must break away from the game for a few days...and turn my attention too FOOTBALL...Ah yeah...season starts thursday baby!!! BRING IT!!!


Anonymous dreameagle said...

Okay so Maria & Sania - you act like they're you're new best friends, and I wonder if you would have watched if the tennis was good, but they weren't babes!!

Secondly - football? As in the English type, or the American - remember you have an international audience reading this, you need to clarify!!

9:01 PM


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