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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Kermit the Frog and Kung Fu fighting

Greetings from adlfdslfjaoiionogadonasoingoasdgjsopafj. Excuse me while I pull these mosquitos and other various bugs out of my mouth. I feel like a frog, all I have to do is stick out my tongue and zap...I got one! Seriously though...the bugs here are nuts...they believe I am there turf and they can do whatever they want on me. Also talking about frogs. This place is heaven for an Eight year old who loves frogs. There are probably at least a thousand of 'em here. Hop Hop Hop...It's not easy being Green. (as sung by Kermit the Frog)

On a not so light note, I am sick with something. It hit me yesterday afternoon. Headaches, wooziness, stomach ache, and that feeling in the throat "that if I wanted to ralph right now I could." And it might look like the Defense of an NFL football team blizting the Quarterback. "OH Crap not again." Anyways, please be praying that the two martial arts masters in my stomach would cease having there Kung Fu match! I mean I like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, but not in my stomach!!!

I drank some carbonated water to see what would happen. I hate carbonated water and dislike it greatly. I distinctly remember a conversation I had with my dad in Kazakhstan in '97. I asked him, "who created this worthless drink and why would anyone want to put this in their body?" Well folks. The man (or woman) who created this drink is a brilliant man. And the people who drink this 'healing' liquid, do this becuase of the effects it has on the raging war in our stomachs!! Vicks cold cream works well too! Love this stuff!!

Well I am off to a church somewhere in the middle of asfjasl;kfslkaldkjaf;...Dang bugs!!!


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