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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A lesson in Telegu

Ready Class? Begin learning a whole new language Now...

Bhagunnava-How are you?
Bhagu nanu- I am fine
kneepeariente-what is your name?
nah paru_______-My name is....
dhevuniki sthotram-Praise the Lord

And that class is todays lesson...


Anonymous Jonathan said...


My name is Jonathan, and I'm from New Jersey. My fiance is from Hyderabad and speaks English, Telegu, and Hindi. I'm trying to find some resources to learn a little Telegu (and maybe some Hindi) before I go to meet her family... do you have any recommendations? Any useful hints about life and culture in Southern India? Where are you from?

6:49 AM

Anonymous Jonathan said...

Sorry, this is Jonathan again... forgot to leave some contact info.


6:54 AM


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