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Thursday, October 06, 2005


The miserable and weak, what is it that they eat?
The poor and cold, where do they call home?
The old man on the street, what is it that he needs?
The lonesome and alone, are begging to be free

These chains of injustice, hold on so tight
What are we doing, to help in this fight?
Do we spend our time, to help make a change?
Does this begin, to losen the grip of these chains?

Or are we placing a finger in a wall
To try and postpone, the pain of it all (2x)

Like sticking one more band aid on the broken souls
rubbing on more ointment to make them feel whole
These perscriptions hold no hope
So I pray, Oh Dear Lord
Whatever breaks your heart, let it break mine to
Make me a surgeon of these wounds
Let me not stand aside, let this not pass me by
Let us not stand asied, let this not pass us by...


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