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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Lowercase People

Perhaps I should have posted something on this months ago. However I did now I must enlighten you.

Some of you know that Jon Foreman of Switchfoot visited India in early October 2005. He spent a few days visiting and experiencing as much as he could of India.

The goal was to see what he could do to help with a few of the injustices here in India. Being a rockstar he has a potent voice with the people who are rocking out to his tunes each and everyday. By no means is Jon on the same level as say Bono, but I believe Jon has some of the same intentions and motivations as Bono.

To put it lightly Jon is a hero of mine...a role model...a leader for a generation of souls in desperare need of God. Jon has recognized his potential as a leader and visionary and has decided to use his voice and his charisma to speak to this generation about a few of the injustices in this world.

Earlier this year the band as a whole began a project called Lowercase People. This is an online magazine that brings to life music, art, injustices, and thoughts on the world we live in today...but from the perspective of the Lowercase. Lowercase meaning people that we do not hear or see from everyday. People who are making a difference in the community in the world around them, but recieving absolutely no recognition.

While Jon was here in India, I had the privelidge of being with him and his wife for the period of their stay here. We got to visit Dalit Education Centers, Dalit factories, Dalit slums, and heard some amazing Dalit speakers and musicians. Needless to say, this was an experience I will never forget. Ever.

If you would like to see some of the first fruits of Jon's trip to India: check it out at Lowercase People.

Oh yea...if you check out the slide show of pictures from India. There is a picture of Jon singing "The Shadow Proves the Sunshine" and guess who is standing in the shadow of Jon? rad is that??

Side note:
Also if you wish to know more about the Dalits...check the links on the right. Dalit Education or check out Joseph D'souzas page.


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