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Monday, January 16, 2006

God on the beach

"Newquay, the surf capital of the UK, was heaving with young clubbers and surfers, each one desperate to live life to the full, eager for experience, ready to ride the waves and hit the heights.

Into this chaotic carnival dropped Michael Volland: dj, surfer and team member in a beach mission 21st-century style. There was just one problem: Michael was not all that convinced that God would turn up.

The events that followed blew the mind of the reluctant evangelist."

I recently finished this amazing book. A young man spends three summers doing a mission on a beach front in Newquay. From DJ's,surfing, to prayer, to conversations with drunk men and women, to late night (early morning) conversation about God and His relevance to mankind, to bottled water chats on the ocean front, to drug dealers being convicted that Christ is the One true God and eventually to a Young man going from scared and untrusting in his Faith with Christ to a man (in year three)who leads a small team to do ministry in Newquay and has an amazing impact on the lives of those visiting and living in the area.

I recommend this book for anyone (though it hits home with a high school/college age student more)who is looking for new ministry opportunities or who wishes to hear of some freakishly amazing stories on Faith and how it changed ones man change many lives. They are stories you have heard before, but Mike tells them in a fresh and relevent way. You will be anxious to see what happens next and anxious to walk out your front door and impact lives for Christ.

IF you do read this book, be prepared to want to immediately get involved somehow in a ministry. You will want to express your faith in a more brilliant and passionate frame of mind than you ever thought of doing before. Your will to do ministry will be heightened and also a little bit more equiped to just jump into sharing your faith with anyone and everyone. You will also be stimulated to come up with some of your own thoughts and ideas on sharing your faith with those who you come in contact with each and every day.

Although you may never get the chance to read this book...I still needed to give it praise. I hope to implant some of the things that effected me in this reading into my own ministry and faith in the very near future.



Blogger Jenn said...

Sounds like an awesome book. Your review alone makes we want to read it.

11:40 PM


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