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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Un-Quotable quotes of Sunday

This Sunday was a very interesting one. The announcements (lasting nearly a half an hour)were disturbing to put it mildly. It took every single mature, forgiving, and understanding fiber in my body, to not stand up and shout that what the "announcer" was saying was outright CRAP!! And when I say crap I mean crap!

Here are just a few of the days sayings:

"We all love jingles, but God doesn't like them in the church."

Thus, we should never ever ever put coinage in the offering basket because it is below God and doesn't show are gratitude and thanks to Him enough.

"Denzel Washington is a born again Christian."

Ok I might be a little out of the loop here in India...but please someone fill me in...when did Mr. Denzel have this major epiphany to become a Christian. Is this real?? Or was the scoff in my head and mumbled rebuke uncalled for??

"Because it is your birthday...and God has blessed you to this point, you should therefore pay for the entire Churchs lunch this coming Sunday. If you are unable to do this...please try to share the burden with the other birthdays and anniversarys of the week...or we can work out a special offering where you can give to the cause."

When my ears heard this I can say that I was more than a little disturbed. I actually lost my breathing capacity for a few moments. Can someone please point out where this might fit into A. Celebrating a birthday and B. the Biblical perspective of paying for someone elses meal (preferable non-veg) on your own birthday? Don't get me wrong, if you are capable of doing something like paying for the entire congregations meal by all means do it (if you wish), but should this be a requirement???

I am sorry if I have outright OFFENDED anyone by the posting of these quotes. No animals, trees, or young children were abused in this study.

Please me out here. Am I a complete nutcase or violator of the Christian Faith because I completely disagree with this?

Apalled and confused...


Blogger Dean Christensen said...

This is likely where the Denzel comment came from. It made the rounds here too.

It appears that your announcer was deceived by this urban legend. If you google Denzel, you'll find a few metions of him as a strong Christian, or Born Again. Don't know him... so I don't know.

4:47 PM

Blogger Benjamin said...

Thanks for the link. Not sure the announcer found it here though. I will keep searching.


6:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you on some points, though not with the vehemence! I think the guy was also trying to inject some humour into the proceedings. You also have to remember that what you find culturally funny, isn't necessarily what they find culturally funny & vice versa!!

9:45 PM

Blogger Troy said...

I think you have to pay for meals on your birthday if your initials are B.C., especially if your stateside and catching up with anyone named Troy. :)

11:09 PM


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