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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

David Wilcox

On the 15th of March, my father and I got to go to an amazing concert. For my birthday (April 3rd) my father and I went to see David Wilcox Live in concert. In my life I have not experienced anything so Funny, Spiritual, Deep, Intune, and Breathtaking as David Wilcox. Every song led into the next one. Every song had a reason to be played. His guitar sounded perfect,(new)carbon fiber and all. His heart was open for all to see. His monolouges were intense and yet easy to understand where he was coming from and why he needed to share it.

David new album Vista comes out in the beginning of June. I am seriously stoked for this album. Wilcox has been on a journey for most of his fifteen year career. My father and I believe that He has finally found what he was searching for. This album should prove to blow all the rest into the dust.

Ahh...Wilcox...pick him will enjoy every second of it.


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