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Thursday, May 18, 2006


I went bowling tonight! Right. I love bowling. I am good at bowling. Or perhaps that is my twisted ego thinking out loud.

Until tonight I was okay at bowling. Average some might say.

But tonight I sucketh!!! I vaccumed!!!

I pulled a Ben (This is when one thinks he will get over 100 hundred with his final bowl and then proceeds to knock some not all pins down to achieve a score of 99) Thats right I have a move!!! Check It!!!

I got beat pretty bad tonight. A couple of times...

I plan on going back...six fiddy for like four games...and some wicked rad shoes!!!

Oh yeah...the fries were good too!!!

Perhaps one day I will be able to say I beat Erin at bowling!!! Until then...I shall remain semi-not-so-good-all-in-my-head-superior-bowler!!!


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