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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pow Wow

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Indian Culture (feather) this will be a learning experience.

I took an hour and a half drive today to see a Pow Wow with some of the students who will soon be attending Klemtu with me. The students were not so excited when I arrived. This was not because of my arrival, but because they had been listening to an announcer announce names for about 2 hours. This specific Pow Wow was to honor the Veterans. They honored every one of 'em.

The area was surrounded by tables and booths. All yeilding gifts and food. It was not unlike our county fair. Booth after booth of beads and feathers and dream catchers and the likes. Elephant ears. Burgers. And yes even an oriental food joint (don't know where that fit into the picture).

There were dances of all sorts going on.

It was hot.

The costumes beautiful.

The sun burning.

WE were sitting in metal bleachers. They were hard, hot, and sticky!

So we would take random breaks where we would walk around the concession stands. I purchased a few things. Some beads, food, and jerky. The jerky was amazing!!! Really! No joke. Almost as good as mom makes it. I spent like 8 bucks on jerky and leomonade.

If you know anything about Indians, you know that they take there time. They do not make haste. They talk slow and live life slow. Not short bus slow! They are amazing people once you get to know them. They do not get straight to the point. The dance around the point for hours.

We watched many dances. We heard many songs. Beating drums. Wailing chants. This was a celabration.

And then it happened...

A young man was dancing around the middle circle like all the rest. He was like a man in a trance dance. maybe a little to far gone. Slowly and gracefully a feather fell from his costume. It drifted and curled down and around and lightly touched the ground.


The dance ceased. There was a meeting of the elders hovered around the feather.

This was serious.

15 minutes later the announcer said there would be a dance. A mourning for the feather. And then a bringing back to life.

This was insane. And a learning time. I never knew that a feather meant so much.

after the dance, the feather was returned to the young dancer. Then an elerly man got up and shared a story.

I cannot repeat this story. It would take to long and I would seriously chop it to bits. But this man spilled his guts. He shared his life. He shared his heart. ALL because of this feather.

A feather. It can change lives. It can change POW WOWs.

Indian Culture. Different? Yes. Misunderstood...greatly. Amazingly beautufull? Totally and completely.

I find myself more and more attracted to these people. And this is why Klemtu has a special place in my heart.


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