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Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Mariners Game

Amber and I went to this afternoons Mariners game against the San Diego Padres. We got tickets through my work at the Baseball place. So, we drove all the way up to Seattle. We love road trips. And we attended the game. We were lucky enough to have club seats. Like almost private but not! Just underneath all of the box seats. And the field was like right there...right in front of us!!

Felix Hernandez was good...just not good enough, but it was fun to see one of the good pitchers in the game today.

The game itself was lame...but we had fun.

I hope to go again soon. We enjoyed it. I personally got 46 enjoyment out of the whole experience.

The reason for such a low enjoyment level is because of what happened after the game. See, we were parked in the nice parking garage right next to the field. Yea, free tickets for that too! The one with the skywalk straight to SafeCo Field. Anyway, there was an accident on level three after the game. We just happened to be on level...six! So we not so patiently waited for about an hour to leave the lot. And man were we happy to leave that garage!!!

Then we hit traffic on the 5. And got to see a four car pile up just as we got onto the 5. So, the traveling was slow for a time. Actually, it was slow for a long time!! But being the patient people we are (not)we waited nicely and drove home in peace...err I mean the RAIN! I love the rain. I love taking trips to Washington. I love Baseball games. I love the woman who was with me the entire day!

Thanks Amber for another wonderful road trip!


Blogger Amber said...

There is so a Keith Hernandez!

He played for the Mets and a couple other teams too. I may not know much about sports...but I do know Keith, all because of Seinfeld. :)

I had a great time with you in Seattle. Too bad we didn't have more time to spend in the city. Maybe next time.

I wouldn't want to be stuck in a parking garage with anyone else!

9:38 AM


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