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Monday, August 08, 2005


So I must say that the new Switchfoot song 'Stars' is off the hook amazing. The guys never cease to amaze me. And the new website is pretty cool has some pretty sweet samples of most of the material that will be on the "nothing is sound" album coming the 13th of september...

In other Switchfoot news...

The band will no longer be coming in August, but in October instead. I am patiently waiting for that time to roll around. Five days of Switchfoot...AHHH YEAH!

Aslo I put the new Switchfoot Poster up on the Office wall here at the OM campus...Everyone will know who these guys are by the time they arrive. Bumper sticker, covers my desk...button, attached to my Switchfoot T-shirt worn each day...all in all it's good to be a Switchfoot fan.

And finally...the question of the moment...why do we cry when we ralph?


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