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Monday, November 14, 2005

-Pipe Support-

Recently I got to spend some time in a pipe village here in India...These are some of the reflections and thoughts that came from that the form of a song.

You don't know me,
And you probably never will
I have a hole inside
That needs to be fulfilled
Here I stand,
Half a world away
Hoping again,
To make it through this day

Mama says,
Were doing just fine
It doesn't seem
That way in my mind
Daddy says,
This is our life
And so I hate
This damn Caste of mine

These sewer pipes, are my home
This cement, is all all Iv'e known
Its' the circle of my life
Eat, Sleep, and Die 2x
This is my life 2x

My Father works,
In the factory
For about
a dollar fifty
My mother works,
Hard everyday
To keep this family,
From slipping away

When you read this
I hope you'll see
A little boy, in desperate need
All it takes
Is just one click
And you could be,
Saving me



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