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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


His time has come
He waited far too long
This visit will be depressing
But at least he'll get a fix
We'll make him numb enough
The pain just might kill him though
He hasn't been in years
Possibly from overwhelming fear
The knowledge of just how bad it is
Pretty sure he will lose some
Some are chipped, some are gone
Put in the novacaine
Work all day long days on end
The refurbishing will take weeks
But this is what he needs
I cannont tell you what
Or how much it cost
What he lost or gained
But he hopes never again
To sit in that chair
That awful plastic throne
With a mouthful of pain
He just wants to go home

So children. learn from his mistake
Take your toothbrush and use it everyday


Blogger wasmachstdugern said...

preach it brother. no one can brush too much or too often!

6:48 PM


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