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Friday, December 16, 2005

London Baby!!

So this past week I have been in London. Yeah, thats right London. I am here for the single purpose of getting a new visa that will allow me to finish out my stay in India. England is a beautiful country. I never had any desire to come to here before, but now being here I realize that was an ignorant and naive way of thinking. This place is awesome. Flippin Expensive, but awesome.

Christmas shopping has been crazy...too much money spent on petty things that will last for only so long.

Meals that cost more than a months worth in India. (yes, these are necessary)

Sites: I can now say that I, yes me, Ben Christensen has seen BIG BEN...Woo Hoo...and West minster Abbey and the London Eye. Kevin and I must have walked at least 10 miles on monday. And really we didn't see too many of the sites...but I have seen enough. I have seen the two things I might ever want to see in a stay here in London.

It is freazing cold here though. And for this I am grateful. I have been missing the cold and rain and Christmas atmosphere in India. Here in London it oddly reminds me so much of Oregon. Now if we could get it to snow in the next two days...that would be fun!!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderfull Holiday season.

Cheers (Slawncher)


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