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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Long car drives late at night
A sunrise was the best date of my lfie
An explosion in the sky
When I knew I had found something right
Conversations of our truths
I needed more time with you

Theres a U-haul box on my floor again
Reminding me of a real good friend
Thousand memories locked up tight
They'll be gone by daylight

old photos, ticket for Chicago
Bumper sticker and Frosty spoons
Lost cellphone, please call home
All reminding me of you

Red Robin, was our place to eat
Taco Bell on Sunday afternoons
Seattles Best, has good coffee
Dairy Queen was great fun too

Running on a deserted beach
singing tunes at the top of our lungs
Michael W. Smith, "Do you dream of me?"
And the most confusing love song

To these I say so long...

The dreams are pack, I wont look back
Lifetime memories are slipping, fading
To be Goodwills soon
And inescapable you, Can't haunt me anymore
Because I've pushed you through a keyless door

I'm getting over
Yea, I'm really over
I'm surely over
Finaly over


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