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Monday, January 02, 2006

New Years song

So this is the New Year of tries
Where we hope to fortify a few more lives
To bring them closer to our side
And to love them just like Jesus Christ
‘Cuz that’s what he would do in my mind

Whether were wrong or were right
Doesn’t really matter on this night
So we will let this fire burn inside
To let them know everything is just fine
And in the end we come out alright

These days we teach ourselves to stand up tall
Hoping our tradition will break the fall
Just another hand me down habit
An organism to difficult to kick
I’m really get sick of this

I’m tired of a paper framed religion
I’m tired of all “your” so called wisdom
Forgettable knowledge that you know
How does that really help me grow?
Whatever happened to the soul?

Do we love or do we correct?
Do we judge or do we connect?
Do we smile like plastic dolls?
Do we change lives at all?

So, here’s to the converts
Here’s to the fools
Here’s to the rejects
Here’s to the used
Here’s to the lovers
Here’s to the dreamers
Here’s to the believers
In the real truth
Cheers for a new year
Where I hope to meet You


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