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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Five Again

Tell me friend once again
Don't you wish you were five once again
You know play all day
Make believe and dreaming life away
Singing songs in long Johns
To put on a show for dad and mom
Playing air guitar in the car
While we were rocking out to "Heart"
Waking at 4AM still in your "jams"
As Ninja Turtles save the world again
And oh what fun on VH1
When Michael Jackson owned the nation
When girls were our world
And we chased them around the tilt a whirl
So tell me friend remember when
You were five, and so perfectly innocent

Oh can't we go back to then???


Anonymous Anonymous said...

okay, has this got anything to do with my comments earlier today?

And.. I still make believe & dream life away, even at 28!!

9:18 AM

Blogger Benjamin said...

Not really. It just gave a little more form to what I have been feeling lately. I am looking at a month and a half before I go home...and enter into another SCARY part of life. There are many decisions I have to make that will effect my future. But if it makes you feel had some impact!! And it wasnt ever about was me from the beginning.

Hang onto the fact that you can dream and make beleive...most adults lose it at the age of twelve!


3:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It doesn't make me feel better either way. To borrow one of your oft used phrases - don't care!

Yeah, scary life back home! You'll love it, you know you will

We'll miss you here though


4:35 AM


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