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Monday, November 28, 2005

10,000 rice lunches

This past friday night was an all nighter for me and about thirty other people on the OM campus. We were making and creating 10,000 lunches for a rally held here in Hyderabad. From 8 Pm until 11:30 am the next day people were cooking and bagging Rice. I was only part of this experience for about 7 hours. But it was so much fun. We played dance music as loud as it would go. There were tons of laughs. My pants are now stained yellow from the rice. And I learned about 100 new dance grooves. Me and another white boy here had a blast coming up with stuff...adn just goofing off. overall i loved the whole experience....

so thats the news from Riceland for the day...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah you're dance grooves were something else - made us laugh at least!!


12:42 AM

Blogger Troy said...

"stained yellow from the rice"... uh huh, the rice!

10:24 PM


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