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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

3 movies with 3 opinions

Mission Impossible 3:
I went to see this a few weeks ago. I enjoyed the first one when it came out. The second was fair. The third was trash. Here is why: Tom Cruise is no longer a good actor, not because of his shenanigans in the news. Because he is no longer appealing...or even a good actor...seriously...he has played the same role...over and over and over again. Second, How many times can Cruise almost die but not die in the movie? was like the line in "A Princess Bride," "He is only mostly dead, not all dead." Honestly...too many close calls for my likeing. And well finally...the story goes no where. No new tricks. Nothing that catchy really. A few good stunts. A few good laughs. A few old friends. But this movie is a one time kick back and forget about it kind of deal!

Over the Hedge:
Cartoons are great. Especially this one. One that is based off of a daily comic strip. How could you go wrong? You can't. With music by Ben Folds you begin to understand as well that this movie kicks butt!
From the very beginning song to the ending credits (yes you need to stay to the end) you are enticed, enchanted, and enveloped into a world of crazy critters just wanting a little food to survive. An all-star cast also helps boost the ratings of this flick.
Go out and see it! Then go buy the DVD and place it next to The Incredible, Toy Story, and Finding Nemo!
Honestly you will laugh throughout the entire movie...and walk away wondering if animals do actually think the way these animals do...and you will also wonder if there will be a sequal...


The Davinci Code:

First off, read the book...loved it. Get past all of the weird crap in it. And embrace the FACT, um, the only fact about the is fiction. It is a story. IT is in FACT good story telling and you will enjoy it.

Dan Brown has created a wonderful world of fantasy, art, puzzles, eye tingling highlights, and some very memorable characters.

The movie however brings this all to life. And I was pleased. "Really?", you say. YES! Get past the fact that Tom Hanks does not fit the role well enough, or that his hair is horrible and way to look at, and watch out it could and can and will scare many children and old ladies with canes!!! and you my friend could actually learn to love this movie.

Ron Howard has done a good job with bringing the book to the screen. He has done better than I expected to see. I have been reading the reviews and the critics hate it. And yet when the critics seem to hate something, I tend to like it.

I like this movie...go see it, for the thrill, the ride, the puzzle, the fun, the characters, and yes even Tom Cruise and his funky hair.

Some may be offended. Some might not. But remember class, it is what???

Thats right....FICTION!!!


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