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Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Bet

On the way home from the Pow Wow we stopped at Dairy Queen.


I was sitting with a few of the students eating my Peanut Buster Parfait when the issue of soccer came up. The World Cup. Who was going to win? France or Italy?

To be honest I didn't care. I quickly made my mind up and went with Italy on a whim.

Jordan who was sitting next to me said "No, Way!"

I told him (because I love an argument) that Italy would win hands down.

He laughed. "do you know anything about soccer?"

"Ha" I replied, "nothing"

"okay, that is understandable then"

"tell you what Jordan. I bet you Italy wins it all."

"no way is that going to happen" Jordan replies with confidence

"okay, then take the bet." I say

"whats the bet?" Jordan inquires

I think for a few moments...

"hmm." "okay, if you lose you have to wear an Italy shirt that says champions on it."

"Can it be homemade?"

"of course"

"okay I can do that..."

In my mind I am thinking what a great bet. This kid is going to lose, but if I were to lose, I have to do nothing! Muahha!

One week later Jordan shows up to a Klemtu training with a shirt that says: "Italy Champions and an Italian flag penned on it.

Oh the sweetness of victory!

Until the next bet!


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