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Monday, July 17, 2006

Car antics

Today I had an adventure with my car. As many of you know, I am horrible when it comes to cars. I don't know anything. If the car starts I consider it a good thing. If the car gets me from one place to another...then I am doing really good.

I got the guts to change my headlamps today. I had recently noticed that my left headlight had burned out. Or more accurately...exploded! When I went to replace the light...I found a shattered mess. NO GOOD! I cleaned it up, careful not to penetrate my soft skin and draw a form of redness I wished not to see at the moment.

I was able to accomlish this first task fairly quickly. I was proud, in fact I was beaming from ear to ear! I am such a stud! Haha

Then came the oil change.

I have done this before...should be simple enough.


I drain the oil. Fill up a bucket with the nasty crap. Get the new oil and oil filter ready to put on. Not so fast.

I am trying to take off the old oil filter...but the thing wont budge.

Now for all of you out there who don't know this, I am a certified WUSS! So when I tried to twist the filter off, I just figured two things:

1. I had just turned it the wrong direction (which would in fact have tightened it more)or,

2. I was a bigger wuss than I imagined...


Patiently, "Yes?"

"I can't get the stupid filter off my car!"

"K, Lets figure this out."

The stories continues...

Various items of distruction and thought to be helpful were used on the filter...

A list:

1. Jar opener (misunderstanding what dad really asked for)
2. Rubber gripper thingie majig
3. Hands
4. A top for the filter...supposed to work...didn't (twist off? not so much)
5. Screwdriver (used to puncture a hole into the filter to twist it off)

Finally after much hard work...Item number 2 but a different version of what we fifst used did the trick.

3 hours later my oil was changed...

3 hours of wasted time! Arghhh

Now to replace my windshield wipers...could be fun??? Right??


Blogger Kevin said...

Back in the day when I used to change my own oil I used to ram a srewdriver into the old filter first thing and use it to loosen it from its seal. Nothing like a little leverage. And way easier than trying to grip the slimy sides of a used oil filter. It also used to help me release some aggression. Felt good ot break something once in a while. :)

Good for you for learning how to do things like that.

4:25 AM


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