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Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Contender

I do not know if all of you in blogspace are aware of this amazing show. If you do not know about it...find out about it..NOW!

Leah and I began watching this show in India. We both enjoyed it. It was one of many Ben and Leah times that we had weekly. (I miss those times)

Anyway...I was watching the second season last night while I was preparing for Klemtu. I watched two episodes. I was caught up in it.

What is it?


I hate boxing.

After you watch the will like boxing. The show is produced by ROCKY himself. And an amazing producer he proves to be. One of the better reality television shows out there right now.

If you haven't seen it...give it a shot...You...yes you...just might like it.


Blogger Jennifer said...

Kevin and I love this show. We don't have cable anymore, but got to catch up on it last week while we were in Sunriver...staying at a house with cable. I hated boxing until I watched (I have to admit that I usually find something to do during the fights...Kevin lets me know when they're over so I can watch again).

4:50 PM

Blogger Benjamin said...


The show is so addicting.

Finally saw Rent last nite...will return it to the library of Jen soon!


5:42 PM

Blogger Leah Kadwell said...

Awww, Ben, I totally miss our Ben/Leah times, too! What will we do when Gilmore Girls comes on and we can't watch it together! Anyway, Contender 2 is on here as well... although I don't think Sly is actually in this season of the show? Only Sugar Ray? Ah well... still an emotional show. Are you watching Rock Star? Did you hear that Tommy Lee said, "Oh, Switchfoot! I love them!" Gotta love it.

8:22 AM


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