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Saturday, August 12, 2006

I am still ALIVE!

I recently just returned from a very successfilled trip to Klemtu B.C. I am proud to say that I was part of this years team. God was working in amazing ways this year. I met up with many old friends and soon to be new friends. The time I had with Village and Klemtu students was beyond amazing. I was so blessed to be used by Christ on this trip.

I really felt like I was doing what God has called me to do. Ministering to young adults in other cultures and training young adults to impact and reach those other cultures. This is one step closer to my dream and goal in life. I don't even know what you would call it, other than Knowing God and making Him Known...and doing this while training youth to do it as well.

Let me dispense a few highlights though:

1.We had a mini-camping trip with some of the students. This was amazing and really fun to. The fishing was amazing. Caught quite a few huge (10-15 lbs) fish.

2.Dock Jumping. I love doing crazy things...but I am cautious and carefull with how I do it...I almost pooped my pants jumping off of the Klemtu dock

3.Seeing the beauty of Gods magnificant creation full on in Klemtu

4.Encouraging,listening, loving, teaching, laughing, and living with the youth of Village

5.Building life long relationships with the youth of Klemtu. Having impacting conversations with them as well.

6.Getting to do something has laid on my heart=Priceless!

Please continue to pray for Klemtu. They are a hurting and needy community, but they have taught me something amazing about family and friendship and most of all love for their neighbors.

Also, I am still about $250 short for the Klemtu trip. Please pray that God will bring in the money. I have faith that He will.



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