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Thursday, August 31, 2006


If you haven't heard of these guys (girl and guy) then find out about them. I just picked up the cd a few days ago. Freaking amazing stuff. Harmonies are WOW! Music is chill. The cd is titled eastmountainsouth...pick it up.

EMS were featured in Cameron Crowe's latest movie Elizabethtown. They have captured the hearts of many people and a few fans as well. Although they are no longer together. Go and get this album...folksy countryish (not really) acoustic stuff.

Check out there website HERE!

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Okay I now know how to use all of the saws listed below!!! How cool is that?

1. Hack
2. Wet
3. Skill
4. Recipricating

Watch out here I come!!! Muahahahaha!

Friday, August 18, 2006

New Job

I recently got a new job. Quit working at Domino's (killer on the car) and starting working for a friend of mine in construction. I know some of you are going what? Are you serious? Construction? Are you man enough to handle that?

The answer? YES! I think?

It has been a few weeks now and I am loving it. I am tan, get to work outside, and learning new things everyday. The best part is I am doing something new everyday. One day cutting stuff with a wet saw, the next putting a roof on someones house. How cool is that?

I hope to stick with this for a while...I am really loving it.

So now that I have a REAl job tha takes up a lot of my time...the blog will have to wait until I get around to it. Be patient...there are many stories to tell...they will just have to come in slower incraments.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cameron Crowe Genuis

I have decided that Cameron Crowe is one of the greatest screenwrites and directors of all time!

I have been on a kick this week of watching his movies...and I have not been disapointed.

U can't go wrong with Almost Famous, Jerry Mcguire, Elizabethtown, Say Anything, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. many quotes, so many stars, so many angles, and so many beuatiful scenes.

Monday, August 14, 2006

The River Why

I took a book with me to Klemtu thinking I would have a little bit of time to read each day. It turns out I wish I would have had more time to read. The book: The River Why, by David James Duncan. The time: less than two weeks. The average amount of time to read each day: 10 minutes.

Needless to say, the time spent on this book was worth it. I was married to this book for about two weeks. The book followed me everywhere. Someone told me that I must love this book becuase I carry it everywhere. The truth is: I loved this book.

If you are a man or woman who loves fishing, you will love this book too. Duncan has such a creative and descriptive writing style. He pulls things from everywhere and somehow ties everything into one story. He has the ability to imagine and see things that most people will never hear about let alone see in their lifetime. The humor of this book is beyond me. There were times I was flat out rolling on the floor laughing. Students (in Klemtu) would look up and see me laugh outloud..."what Ben? another funny part?" and then I would reply "oh yes!" then read to them a little portion of the funniness.

I love to fish. I don't get to do it often enough...don't make time for it, but reading through this book I was literally aching to be on the water, in the water, or near the water fishing for the Laviathon of my dreams. What do you know...I got to spend an entire day fishing in Klemtu and pulled in a few mini Laviathons to feed this silly addiction of mine.

The River Why is a great read. The story tells of Gus Orviston a Portland native who at the age of twenty goes to find himself on the rivers of the Oregon coast. He lives in a cabin for a year, meets the most interesting people and fishes all day.

This book rocked me. It could be catogorized with Catch-22 and Zen and the Art of motorcylce maintainance and should be if you ask me! The thought process will run laps with your head, but in the end you understand everything.

I will warn you...language and some crudities are in this book! And some messed up philosophy! If you can't handle it...I suggest you just walk on by! But if you think you can, Go get this book NOW!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Yea Buddy!!!

Thank you Portland for doing something right...again!

"PORTLAND, - The Portland Trail Blazers announced today that the club has acquired All-Star center Jamaal Magloire in a trade with the Milwaukee Bucks. As part of the deal, the team sent guard Steve Blake, forward Brian Skinner and center Ha Seung-Jin to the Bucks.

The 28-year-old Magloire started all 82 games for the Bucks last season and averaged 9.2 points and a team-leading 9.5 rebounds. In the first round of the 2006 Eastern Conference playoffs, he posted 9.0 points and 8.0 rebounds in Milwaukee’s five-game loss to Detroit. Magloire finished the regular season ranked 10th in the NBA in rebounds per game, seventh in total rebounds (778) and eighth in total defensive rebounds (558). Additionally, he led the team with 17 double-doubles."

Although I am sad to see that Ha was part of this trade, I am competely stoked for Portland. (8th seed here we come!) The only reason I am sad is not from a basketball was the fact that the dude used to attend Village. I have seen him in person...he is freaking tall. Hope all goes well Ha...have a good might actually get more playing time there anyway.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

I am still ALIVE!

I recently just returned from a very successfilled trip to Klemtu B.C. I am proud to say that I was part of this years team. God was working in amazing ways this year. I met up with many old friends and soon to be new friends. The time I had with Village and Klemtu students was beyond amazing. I was so blessed to be used by Christ on this trip.

I really felt like I was doing what God has called me to do. Ministering to young adults in other cultures and training young adults to impact and reach those other cultures. This is one step closer to my dream and goal in life. I don't even know what you would call it, other than Knowing God and making Him Known...and doing this while training youth to do it as well.

Let me dispense a few highlights though:

1.We had a mini-camping trip with some of the students. This was amazing and really fun to. The fishing was amazing. Caught quite a few huge (10-15 lbs) fish.

2.Dock Jumping. I love doing crazy things...but I am cautious and carefull with how I do it...I almost pooped my pants jumping off of the Klemtu dock

3.Seeing the beauty of Gods magnificant creation full on in Klemtu

4.Encouraging,listening, loving, teaching, laughing, and living with the youth of Village

5.Building life long relationships with the youth of Klemtu. Having impacting conversations with them as well.

6.Getting to do something has laid on my heart=Priceless!

Please continue to pray for Klemtu. They are a hurting and needy community, but they have taught me something amazing about family and friendship and most of all love for their neighbors.

Also, I am still about $250 short for the Klemtu trip. Please pray that God will bring in the money. I have faith that He will.