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Thursday, March 30, 2006


I read an email,
That humbled me today
Telling me,
A good friend had passed away
So I bowed my head,
Began to pray
Oh dear Lord,
I don't know what to say
Mumbled some words,
For a mans broken heart
Whose world had just been,
Torn apart

And I cried, and the tears filled my eyes

It's so hard, to say goodbye
Like we did with our friend tonight
We will miss you, we will cry
But we'll remember your extrodiary life

I wish you well, I hope your fine
I say farewell oh friend of mine 2x

I will keep my eyes on the sky
You never know, when it's your time

Sunday, March 26, 2006

iTunes "Fresh"

1. Livingston Taylor-There you are again
2. David Wilcox-Grateful for her beauty
3. Peter Mayer-Holy now
4. Bruce Springsteen-Devils and Dust
5. Carrie Underwood-Some hearts

The top three are pretty much Acoustic greatness.(I suggest you check them all out) Springsteen is well...Springsteen. And I had to add a little flavor to the mix and hook my girl Carrie up with a spot. Click on the first two links to get a free download of each song.

Note to ALL Radio stations:please quit playing "Jesus take the wheel," and start spinning "Some Hearts."

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The genuis of Springsteen

When I was a little boy, the only rock and roll I knew was what my parents gave me and the shows I would go to of my fathers band. I had a couple records that I played endlessly. Some with stars such as James and Livingston Taylor, Billy Joel, and Bruce Springsteen.

Until just a few years ago...all I had understood or heard of springsteen was his cover of "Santa Clause is coming to town." I was in love with the very first spin. I knew this guy was a rocker...just didn't know how great until a few nights ago.

Am I a late bloomer on the Springsteen bandwagon? No. Just wasn't interested in the Boss until I watched his Vh1 Story Tellers for the second time.

The show was brilliant. All the thoughts and story behind each song. Him and the piano or acoustic guitar...Rocking!

I believe that the artist is purest when they are stripped down to nothing but them and the instrument they were born to be "one" with.

Bruce was one with his guitar that night. Bruce let us into his world. WE (the audience) felt as if we were truly welcomed into His world, if only for a moment.

I have a new respect for the Boss. I have a new respect for all that wonderful Rock n' Roll music from the 70's and early early 80's.

Thanks Bruce

Thursday, March 23, 2006


I am officially addicted to Settlers of Catan. After purchasing the major portion of the game, I have found myself playing at least two games a day. Yesterday however took the cake. I played 2 in the afternoon and then came back later to start at 1 in the morning two more games. I was up to 5 A.M. playing my addiction.

Is there hope for me?

Is there a patch?

Anyone else as addicted as I am??

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

"Seafarers" and "Cities and Knights"

Last night I buckled. I was tired of not having "Seafarers" and "Cities and Knights" (the additions to Settlers of Catan)in my collection. So I went out and bought the two sets and the expansion packs. I was entirely stoked to play the game last night. Problem was we started so late. And when you put all three games get mucho intensified. I still love these games though...I could play everyday and night.

Wanna play???

David Wilcox

On the 15th of March, my father and I got to go to an amazing concert. For my birthday (April 3rd) my father and I went to see David Wilcox Live in concert. In my life I have not experienced anything so Funny, Spiritual, Deep, Intune, and Breathtaking as David Wilcox. Every song led into the next one. Every song had a reason to be played. His guitar sounded perfect,(new)carbon fiber and all. His heart was open for all to see. His monolouges were intense and yet easy to understand where he was coming from and why he needed to share it.

David new album Vista comes out in the beginning of June. I am seriously stoked for this album. Wilcox has been on a journey for most of his fifteen year career. My father and I believe that He has finally found what he was searching for. This album should prove to blow all the rest into the dust.

Ahh...Wilcox...pick him will enjoy every second of it.

Father Son Retreat

This years father son retreat was one of my favorites. Even though my father has not joined me on this retreat in four years it is still an amazing experience. I consider most of the dads that attend pretty much another fahter figure in my life.

Anyways. This year up at Camp Tadmor there was a foot of snow to greet us fahters and sons. Aaron Watts and I fished pretty much immediately after we arrived at camp. It was one of the most beautiful moments I have ever fished in. The snow was falling reasonably hard as we were both hitting fish pretty quickly, catch and release of course.

This year I had more fun fishing, shooting, b-balling, goofing off, Settlers, and just hanging with the sons and dads than I think I ever have before. It might have something to do with the fact that I had missed last year and had somewhat forgotten how wonderful this experience is.

I look forward to one day bringing my son to this little weekend. And him hopefully having some great friends like I do.

Monday, March 06, 2006


"I don't belong here and I don't fit in
I'm longing for home with my Lord once again
I don't belong here and I don't fit in
I'm not of this world and I miss you my friend"
-excerpt from "Miss You" by Benjamin Christensen

At the moment the only way to describe how I feel is this: "Take a puzzle (preferably one of those 5,000 piece ones) and then dump all the pieces out on your kitchen table. Then begin to turn all the pieces over brown side facing up. Now try to put that puzzle together."

This describes how I am feeling right now. It is an odd place to be. It is a good place to be. It is a hard place to be. I am trying to be moldable and flexable and teachable all in one...

Lord, my prayer is that you would use me and make me into who you want me to be right now. I know that my journey to your heart and will is only beginning. Continue to work in me and through me and show me the way to you.


Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is not as cool as you think He is!! Honestly people...come up with something better to do with your time.

Jesus could blink Chuck Norris out of existance...what do you have to say about that???

Friday, March 03, 2006

MYSECurITY version 2B is for..........LANKKE with BrailleT 014

Having fun with words...

Spell with Flickr

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

18-20 somethings role in the church...

I have recently been pondering the role of the 18-20 somethings in the church today. At the moment our former group catered to this age has dissolved and is in the rebuilding process. I have opinions about the way things are being done. This is not the place to share those. One thing however is in this new rebuilding process, it seems as if our small core group of people still attending and still passionate about this specific ministry at Village are becoming more aware and more in-tune to fighting the injustices in their community as well as being mission minded in their every day living.

What do I mean by mission minded?

First, I believe that the words mission and missions have been greatly deprived of what their original meaning and driving force. The way I am using mission here is: living the life and relationship with Christ that believers should be living in there everyday lifestyle. Sharing their experiences (not faith) of how Christ has impacted them and revealed Himself to them.

Don't get me wrong, I believe that this is necessary for every "follower" of Christ. But this is not the sole purpose of our faith. We need to be growing in our own relationships with Christ just as much as we need to be sharing what we are experiencing in that relationship and outpouring our gifts and passions into the world around us.

Lately I have felt that the "church" (not just Village) has been on this wave of being missional and breaking the chains of injustice. I back both of these with all the support I can have, but what ever happened to really being fed in our Small groups and even our Church services or Programs outside of the "big" services on the weekend?

Also what has happened to the call for help inside the church itself? One of the things that I see lacking is the support of the church from the members of the church itself. Do we come to be fed? Yes!! But we should also be feeding others inside the church, as well as outside of the church.

The call for help inside the church is just as needed as the call for helping outside of the church.

For example: Middle school ministries could use staff people at the moment. We are in need of help. Some of this help consists of only a few hours once a month and some of this help would consist of about 5 hours per week. Is that too much to ask? Could a college student or a high school student help out in this area? YES!!! Could someone outside of those two groups help? YES!! So then why isn't it happening? Why aren't we helping with the High school group? Why aren't the Women's groups and Men's groups more involved with the College ministry? Where we need to be held accountable and molded and encouraged in our gifts and passions? Why???

Possibly because going down to the homeless shelter is easier in a way?

Both of these ministries are needed. And here is my issue: I believe that we are called to do both. Not one or the other, but both. We need to be fed, encouraged, commune, be held accountable and share our struggles. And we also need to be doing that for the other groups in our church. We also need to be doing this with individuals outside of the Church.

So your relaitonship with the church is threefold. Be fed. Use your gifts within the church (this does not mean they can't be used outside as well). And be Missional.

Make sense???

Now Do...