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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Oregon State Champoins!!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Ben Quote

"What was that? Someone was talking...I think it was me." (much laughter pursued this)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Her Song

It's fireflys in mid July
And I'm alright with you by my side
It's icecream cones from coldstone
And not wanting to be alone

It's old movies on AMC
And one more round of My Fair Lady
It's one more page, in our day
That will never fade away

It's I miss you, and I like you
And knowing that, you miss me too
It's the mystery, of you and me
And where were going, well we'll just see
Everything will work out fine
If we trust in God's time
He'll hold us and keep us safe
And lead us towards better days

It's our walks where we talk
Wishing that they never stop
It's one more hug, that I love
And not wanting to give you up

It's a random trip to the beach
Where we welcome the cool breeze
It's another drive on a sleepless night
Music playing, your by my side


It's holding hands, and melding hearts
And never wanting to be apart
It's a future that I dream of
A Daily prayer to God above

A thousand stars are in the sky
A babe my heart is about to fly
I only want to be with you
And I'm hoping you want to be with me too

(unwritten verse)


to be continued...

Friday, June 23, 2006

MySpace Music Spin

Okay so recently I been able to find some pretty sweet stuff through myspace music. Some of my favorite bands have some good stuff up and then of course there are bands I have never heard of before. Every day I get a new band wanting to be my friend. I spin them a few times...if I dig, I add. No Dig, NO ADD! Simple as that!

1.Our Town-James Taylor (Free Downloadage)
By the way. Go see the movie Cars. This song is off the soundtrack. Good movie. I enjoyed it far too much! It is a must see. Go now!
2.Needle and Thread-Sleeping at Last (Click here to hear the entire song) (Post on these guys coming soon, very soon)
3.Spiders-Lovedrug (Hear it here)
4.Chasing Cars-SnowPatrol (Hear it here)
5.Come downstairs and say hello-Guster (Hear it here)
6.Colors-Barcelona (free downloadage)
7.Since you left-Nate Campany (hear it here)
8.Sweetness in starlight-Matt Wertz (hear it here)
9.Ghost on Boulevard-Roe (free downloadage)
10.Natalie-Florez (hear it here)

A conversation

Joeseph: Man, I have missed you so much!

Allison: How is that possible? We met ten minutes ago

Joeseph: Yes, but I am thinking of all that we have missed out on, up until this point.

Allison: So, are you always that thoughtful, or is this something I should look forward to?

Joeseph: I am deep, (short pause) sometimes.

Allison: Ah, so you are a thinker. Probably a poet to.

Joeseph: I have been known to write a line or two.

Allison: Well then Joeseph, I have missed you to.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


It's long drives
It's soft sighs
It's night skies
It's your eyes
It's one last lullaby
And then kissing you goodnight

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


The Heat win. Good series. Good ball was played. Wade is unstoppable...seriously amazing baller. Watch out world...Wade is KING!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Drive time

1. Rusty old American Dream-David Wilcox
2.Passenger seat-Death Cab For Cutie
3.Night Drive-Jimmy Eat World
4.Keep on Driving-Justin McRoberts
5.Skyline Drive-Mae
6.Fast cars and freedom-Rascall Flatts
7.K-Car-Releint K
8.Montana-Rocky Votolato
9.King of the Road-Roger Miller
10.Passenger Seat-T.J. McCloud

Monday, June 19, 2006


I woke up Monday morning
In Twin Rocks, Oregon
I usally found the beach boring
But today was going to be fun

You see, I awoke to the sunrise
Of a purple orangish blue
It was the perfect surprise
I even saw a killer whale too

We built sandcastles on the shore
Swam in the oceans roaring tide
Couldn't ask for anything more
I was having the time of my life

Built a fire out of driftwood
Someone pulled out a guitar
ate smores that tasted so good
Sang songs with all our hearts

Took a walk on the beach alone
Until she came along beside me
It was different than back home
The stars wer shinging brightly

I woke up Monday morning
In Beaverton, Oregon
My mom said I was snoring
The dream was all...GONE!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Measure of a man

"A man is not measured by how many times he makes a mistake, what he did wrong, or the number of times he had to go back and do something over again. He is measured by his Faith and what he choses to do with that Faith. Stay inside his box and color in the lines. No! How much Faith he had in stretching himself further to the farthest point possible. That is what a man is measured by." -Benjamin Christensen

Friday, June 16, 2006


Every time I'm lonely
I always think of you
Every time I'm dreaming
I always dream of you

I never did forget you
And that precious smile
I never did forget those,
Times I made you smile

Oh, I think of when
You were still a friend
Oh, I remember when
A friendship wouldn't end

I wish you were here
To talk to once again
I wish you could hear
The words of a friend

Oh, how I miss you
And oh, how I think of you
Oh, how I see you
Here with me again

I wrote this a while ago. Not sure who it was about or who it was for. It is funny re-reading this though. There are so many people in my life that are gone. So many friends that have packed up and moved away. So many married. So many distant. So many...that I wish I could get in the car with and drive somewhere...end up at Shari's and talk with. I find it hard to grow up and leave people and have them in turn leave me. I guess I always had the mindset that we would be friends forever. We would be in each others weddings. We would dance. We would laugh. We would live. And so this scribble that I found hiding in a file in a box is dedicated to all of you who are no longer close. To conversations and memories of the past. Perhaps someday we will meet up again and just BE together again. I miss you my friends.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

A thought, a cry, a moment passing by

(Written in May of my Senior year of High School)

One moment you find yourself lost...why? Where are you? How can it be?

Sometimes I don't know. I do know that my fears can sometimes frighten even the most courageous parts of me. I do know my thoughts extend beyond this school, state, and planet. I do see that my dreams are what I try to live out, but so often fall into a subconscious reality that the Earth has brainwashed into me. So often the two roads that twist into two seperate ways ahead of me usually don't set me back, they just invite me along.

I used to be scared of deciding which to take. Now I understand that at some point I must chose either. And no matter what, God is with me. I will endure pain and happiness along both. So I must run ahaed, but not so fast for I may miss everything that was there for me to see in the first place. It's not wrong to re-do something, or go back and learn something again.

Re-discovering things is exciting. It's a moment where you have a chance to learn even more. 1st grade is like this for me. I spent so much time inside the lines, confined to a box, with peripheral vision. And while I was there, I spent all my time on one thing. I have since learned that we need to expand ourselves daily. Notice everything around us.

Please don't follow the leader...find it out for yourself. Open your eyes! Be giddy once in a while. Follow your heart, not the road signs. Because if you follow your heart, you may find something that you never saw before.

My one suggestion in life is this; be childlike, ask questions, be inquisitive, curios, ask, "How Come?" and be fearless! We are all breakable like children, but God is a protector. Have Faith and live, but also dream and be carefree and flexible with life.

Monday, June 12, 2006

If Drummers wrote songs

And the moment that you see her
You know that you're in love
Every moment that you're with her
You hope there's more to come
Every moment that you miss her
You pray that she isn't lonesome
It's like the daily stimulation
Of a caffeine driven addiction
She is your daily cup
Of a Vente Mochachino love!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Purify our hearts oh God
To follow in your ways
Purify our minds oh God
To follow all our days

Purify our lives oh God
To strive to be like you
Purify our hopes oh God
to strive to live for you

Change the way we sing
Let us dance before our king
With every living thing
Let us worship his Holy name

(personalize our to my 2nd time through)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Our Town

" Do human beings ever realize life while they live it?" Thornton Wilder

" Oh earth, you are too wonderful for anyone to realize you, anyone except saints and poets maybe." Thornton Wilder

Friday, June 09, 2006

Deep thought

"Don't date her because she is fun, date her because she is the one!" -Benjamin Christensen

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Science project???

What happens when you put about five mentos into a diet coke???

This...Check out the craziness here

*To kill or let live fairy tales*

A child growing up in America these days, one has a great opportunity to hear and see fairy tales come to life. Just as easily, the child is hearing or seeing these tales and he is also affected by them. In some way or another the moral of the story will rub off onto the child, these fairy tales also affect adults as well. The moral of the story may cut on a deep level consciously or unconsciously, or the affect may be a smaller eye opening experience. Whatever the result of the fairy tale, you walk away a person who has just been enlightened.

Fairy tales are a passage to a separate world than the one we stumble through. In the tale we are ushered into a colorful world of imagination. In this world everything is black and white, no gray areas in this world. You see the tales are a great shortcut to informing children and adults to the moral codes of human society. No matter what, if the story is told to perfection or in a loose manner the person will walk away pondering the theme laid before him in the tale.

Most of the fairy tales that I have encountered begin with setting the stage for what or who is moral and amoral. Then the enchantment comes through certain sequences conveying the story. Throughout the story the main theme and moral are expressed. To get to the theme there must be some resistance or certain things blocking the receiver (us) from the precious information trying to be shown to us. The height of the barricade may also begin to show the importance of the point trying to be completed, but some resistances may be unnecessarily embellished or may not be conveyed strong enough making it seem as if it were a flippant lesson in life.

Some fairy tales could be categorized from let’s say the rating of restricted all the way down to the general audience viewing/listening. The ratings of a tale are somewhat petty. Overall these added effects are just the storyteller’s way of depicting the information. Some fairy tales are unnecessarily brutal and gruesome, but make the point stronger. Some fairy tales are just getting by. I personally like the tales that Disney has produced over the years.

Grasp on to Disney for a moment here with me. Through voice, song, characters, and art a story is told. (I have chosen to use Disney because it was a major factor of fairy tale moralization in my upbringing, and is to this day.) See Disney has a unique and exciting way of making good morals easier to be accepted by humans. We latch onto certain characters and choose to let them captivate us and truly mold us. We are attracted to this cartoons qualities because we see something we would like to be or maybe we find ourselves in this character.

The main purpose of a fairy tale was not to display a specific story or moment in history. The writer didn’t say, “ here read this it’s a powerful story and oh by the way it will not affect or change your life.” No! This has nothing to do with a story. It’s a specific persons characteristic that makes the point. The character is what makes up the entire story. The author had a point he though was relevant or applicable to share with the rest of the world. Basically he is saying “hey! Check out this characteristic, don’t you want that in your life too?”

The author created a world of make believe which would draw the reader/viewer into the life of the characters world. The reader in the end is held hostage for a few moments and ultimately “ made to believe” the point the author wanted to get across. Does he accept it? Maybe he does accept it or maybe the reader rejects it all together.

Remember with me for a few more seconds Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. While watching the movie you could take the side of Gaston (the man who rallied the town to kill the beast) or you fall in love with Belle and her compassion for the Beast. The Beast who was learning a lesson of change and Belle who was learning the lesson of looking on the inside of a person to find true quality. Some people take Gaston’s side and others take Belle’s, simple choices that lead to good or bad consequences. Anyone can figure out which side is good. Disney movies make it easier for a child to learn a life lesson through animation.

There are three ways of learning a lesson. Number one is experience, through living and learning from the past. Number two is (in my own opinion) the Bible. Everything we need to learn and lesson’s to be taught are in this great book. The third and the topic at hand is fairy tales. Through words and pictures and yes a characters characteristics we learn some of life’s greatest lessons.

Remember the Disney version of Peter Pan? As a child I was captivated with this movie. I am a person who really fights growing up and embracing maturity. Peter Pan really didn’t hit home with me until I was in my senior year of high school. I suddenly realized that I was expected to grow up and fast. I always thought of myself as one who knew when maturity was needed in life. Peter Pan showed me I was totally wrong. I have found ways to still be a kid. Working in youth ministry helps out a lot, and one day I will good off with children of my own. I cannot stay in Never Never Land forever. I may visit occasionally, but never prolonged. Like a vacation to Disneyland, I will never be able to afford staying year round; it is a weekend at most.

To me fairy tales are a small wakeup call to the world. In the fairy tale we are able to handle the wakeup call. And then when the swift kick in the pants comes we are able to handle the situation and step up to the plate. That’s what fairy tales do for you, me, and the children of this world. Fairy tales open our eyes to right and wrong, but they also prepare us for reality and how to in a certain special way deal with the bad (problems) when they come up and find the good situations or people and welcome them into our lives.

So I ask you in a sort of choose your own ending (or beginning depending on how you look at it) are fairy tales acceptable and useful tools in the human adventure we call life? Perhaps these fairy tales are a nuisance to all and fading instead of helping to moralize our society? Hmmm….

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


The more he thought about it, Kyle realized he hated school, history, fashion, and the United States. Kyle was fighting conformity. Everything he was taught seemed to tick him off. Kyle was a fighter and passionate about what he believed. He was one of those people who let his emotions spill into school, work, and his song writing.
Kyle’s favorite band was playing the Roseland that night. He couldn’t wait to be in the crowd, living on a high, rocking out, and ultimately leaving this world behind.
Kyle’s history teacher rambled about King Louie the 9th and his greatness. While Kyle was getting more annoyed and impatient with his teacher. Why was he in school? Confined to a box of certain views and opinions? Kyle wanted out, to encounter life, the world, and freedom.
Oliver rocked the Roseland for a good hour and a half. The crowd was gasoline and the music a match! The Roseland was on fire! And yet Kyle was bugged. Usually concerts were an escape. Only something was very wrong, Kyle was upset on a metaphorical level. The more Kyle watched the band and participated in the chaos, he began to feel more and more as if he was a branded cow trained to follow the leader. Oh crap! Kyle’s escape had not been freedom it had been a confinement. He was in a box, limited to each individual’s actions around him. Alone in a room of brainless cattle, he realized he may never know what true freedom and individualism was.

Monday, June 05, 2006

The new list

1. Daylight to Break-Switchfoot (new unreleased tune)
2. Mercy Now-Mary Gauthier
3. The Riddle (you and I)-Five for fighting
4. Brighter than the Sunshine-Aqualung
5. Breathe Me-Sia
6. Hide and Seek-Imogen Heap
7. Chasing Cars-Snow Patrol
8. Better Days-Goo Goo Dolls
9. Rain King-Counting Crows
10. Great Big World-David Wilcox

Saturday, June 03, 2006


"I have Junk, I Sin!"

-Dean Christensen

I honestly need to wake up everyday with this in mind.