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Friday, January 27, 2006

The Last Day


I awoke this morning refreshed but completely tortured. My heart was beating much swifter than usual. Sweat mildly clung between my back and the thermal I had forced over my head, somewhere around two A.M., so that the blood sucking, vile enemies of the night could no longer penetrate my fragile skin.

Quick step to the bathroom to relieve some of the nights building stress. A forcred dunk into a chilly bucket of "good mornin, how the heck are ya?" Slip into a brown t-shirt,pants, hat, and black hoodie.


Scrounge around my Dickies courier bag. Ah-ha, there we go...the pills that would make the pain of the recent wisdom tooth removal, seem like a mild wild fire in the many caverns of my brain.


Stumble to the fridge. Recover: juice, two cups of bottled water, two re-heated waffles drenched in a stickiness of maple syrup and smooth peanut butter. Overwhelmes the four senses I maintain and brings me back to substantial breathing.

Where am I???

Look around. Listen for a few seconds. Children laughing, running water, stray dogs barking, and horns honk-honking. Right, of course. India. My last complete day in Hyderabad. A day of seperation, loss, joy, laughs, panic and various other in-harmonious emotions. A day where I will be overly hyper-sensitive to every tune, tone, thought, breath, and conversation.

Am I ready for this???

Quick get into oblivious mode. Be ignorant and miss everything. Check; email, blogs, sports, and new news. Drink one of the last quality (in its purest forms) cups of tae I will consume or dream about for a long while.

Do I have to get up from this mediocre chair? I mean lets think about this for a few seconds. It spins. And it has one of the neat levers that can lift the chair up or down in seconds. Almost like that ride at Six Flags where you are suspended in mid-air for a few exhilarating and death defying moments, just a little bit slower and not as high up, although I am on the fifth floor.

But of course. Yes, I do have to get up. The dentist is eagerly waiting my arrival. So he can remove the stitches from the left side of my "war zone" of a mouth. This shall also conclude our time as friends and place us back on the playing field of customer and exractor of good monies.

Is it worth it?

Of course it was worth it. No! I don't just mean the dentist. I am referring to the entire year with the college. ACCS. The Asian College of Cultural Studies. All of the beautiful experiences that led me across this very misunderstood and wonderful nation. All of the faces. All of the students. All of the late night conversations over "cold drinks". The few moments where I felt like I was welcome here. The precious seconds where I was the encourager and the encouraged wrapped in one.

"Jeedimetla Village?"

"150 Rupees"


And here it is. Facing me head on. Just like every other day of my life here.

Honk...honk...honkity honk...EAAAIIKK!!

This is it. This is the last ride I will take in an auto-rickshaw out to the campus. The noise pollution only seems a faint influence. The bumps in the road almost feel only too natural. Yellow god of fire, burning and singeing my skin and har, owning the sky, eyes and twinkle of wrinkled smiles blooming. Oh, the shoe shiner on the roadside is begging me againg to let him brighten my soles. All I can think about is how cool his shirt is. Brown t-shirt, black fringe, and a sketched white bear leaping from the mans mid-section. Retro. I wear canvase Converse All-Stars. Bananas, oranges, watermelon, pineapple and coconut. "Eat street and die," echos into my memory. I eat street all the time though. I can see both moons fine when I go to sleep at night.

"Dunyavad (thank you)...have a wonderful day."

My feet have plodded across this walkway far too many times. Towering palm trees line me on left and right. The pale yellow buildings embrace my presence again. They have always welcomed me here.

Ah...the "coffee" shop is open.

50-50(bisquits), Aquafina, and a mango juice box.

"Can I have a straw please?" Look in wallet. "Do you have change for one-hundred?"

"Ha!" (yes) "Thirty Rupees." Jingling of change. Snap of a crisp fifty. "Good day sir." Warm smile

"Enjoy your day brother." Disarming toothy smile.

The buzz in the office ismore hightened than usual. Preperations for Study Seminar are well under way. It isgoing to be so hard to say goodbye to this place. All of the walls covered in maps and calanders of various shapes and sizes. The clock that is at least 13 minutes behind.

Ten bars of "Bounty" (Almond joy-ish candy)

Hugs, conversationsof future plans, "when will I see you again?", smiles, laughs, tears and it is going to suck to have to leave this place.

"Uttum, I will miss you dude. Here have a candy bar. We need to play badminton and get a cold drink later."

Hours of pathetic goodbyes troll by.

Two games of badminton. The sport that I completely am miserable at, but can actually hold my own in. The first is an amazing win by Ben and Sushantu. The second goes about an hour longer (no joke) and yeilds a win to Uttam and Mohan. Sweat is dripping through my shirt. The pain in my mouth is killer.


Multiple pictures of crazy friends goofing off. Multiple moments that will be remembered far beyond this fleeting goodbye. Multiple situations that are freaking me out.

This is my life...

In a typical situation I would usually raise my glass of root beer, smile, breath dramatically and then go onto say something like: "This experience has changed my life forever. I am a better man because for it. And feel blessed to be apart of the ministry here." But don't you see? This time, though all of these are painfully true, something else needs to be conveyed...

India has become my life and my very heartbeat. I have fallen in love. I am in tune. I am in step. India has a beat and I am capabale of dancing to it. My roots have grown deep and are entwined in the rich brown soil. Nothing will EVER be able to take India away from me or me from India.

Of course I realize all of this as I am stepping off of the campus. And as I look up I see a familiar sight. The campus bulliten board. It reads: "You will be blessed when you come in...and blessed when you go out."

The colors are dimming. The sun is setting. The tastes are disolving in my mouth as quickly as they came. The noise is fading. the heat is slowly reducing to a warm embrace. My heart is numbing to all of these new emotions. Tears are aching to fall and soon they will fall. My former home, because this; India is now home, is starting to call...

And I have to answer the call. I am scared, excited, and anxious for whats to come next.

"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."
-2 Timothy 4:7

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Lowercase People

Perhaps I should have posted something on this months ago. However I did now I must enlighten you.

Some of you know that Jon Foreman of Switchfoot visited India in early October 2005. He spent a few days visiting and experiencing as much as he could of India.

The goal was to see what he could do to help with a few of the injustices here in India. Being a rockstar he has a potent voice with the people who are rocking out to his tunes each and everyday. By no means is Jon on the same level as say Bono, but I believe Jon has some of the same intentions and motivations as Bono.

To put it lightly Jon is a hero of mine...a role model...a leader for a generation of souls in desperare need of God. Jon has recognized his potential as a leader and visionary and has decided to use his voice and his charisma to speak to this generation about a few of the injustices in this world.

Earlier this year the band as a whole began a project called Lowercase People. This is an online magazine that brings to life music, art, injustices, and thoughts on the world we live in today...but from the perspective of the Lowercase. Lowercase meaning people that we do not hear or see from everyday. People who are making a difference in the community in the world around them, but recieving absolutely no recognition.

While Jon was here in India, I had the privelidge of being with him and his wife for the period of their stay here. We got to visit Dalit Education Centers, Dalit factories, Dalit slums, and heard some amazing Dalit speakers and musicians. Needless to say, this was an experience I will never forget. Ever.

If you would like to see some of the first fruits of Jon's trip to India: check it out at Lowercase People.

Oh yea...if you check out the slide show of pictures from India. There is a picture of Jon singing "The Shadow Proves the Sunshine" and guess who is standing in the shadow of Jon? rad is that??

Side note:
Also if you wish to know more about the Dalits...check the links on the right. Dalit Education or check out Joseph D'souzas page.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Trinity-Sheldon Vanauken

I had to post this. Sheldon, in "A Severe Mercy" gives an amazing analogy for the Holy Trinity. Read it for yourselves. It made me shout "right on dude!"

"'well,' said Richard. 'Explain it in some way that makes sense.'

Julian began to say something about the Persons of God, and I could see that Richard wasn't finding it very helpful. Then I thought of the novel Davy and I had been talking about and murmured to Davy, 'I've got it!'

'It's still no good,' said Richard when Julian had done.

'Look, Richard,' I said. "This afternoon Davy and I were talking about writing a novel of Oxford with the Studio in it, and us, and everybody. Now assuming we could do it-'
'Assuming you could do it,' said Richard,'I'd buy a copy. Not more than five shillings, though.'

'Listen,' I said. 'We're talking about the Incarnation. Okay, suppose I write it-it's too complicated with two authors-and I put myself in it. There I am,walking down the High, wearing a Jesus tie-in the book.And let's say I make up a lot of characters, not using real people for fear of hurting their feelings. But I am in it, and I, the character, say whatever I would say in the various situations that occur in my plot.'

'What about the Incarnation?' said Richard.

'That's what I'm telling you, stupid fellow,' I said with a grin. 'Don't you see? I am incarnate in my book. I am out here writing it, so I'm like god the Father. But it's really me in the book, too, isn't it? so that's Jesus, the Son, right? The me in the book speaks my words-andyet they are speeches that I've probably never made in real life, not being in those situations. And yet can't you see that it's really me?'

'Um,' said Richard. 'Yes, right. I see. Go on.'

'Well,' I said.'All right. I'm here, being "the Author of all things" and I'm in the book, taking part in scenes of "drammer". Incarnate in my book. Now, the me in the book: he's ALL me, isn't he? And he's ALL character, too, isn't he? Like the doctrine: All God and All man. It makes sense, doesn't it? And one more thing: suppose the characters run away with the story-authors are always saying that that happens. It might be necessary, whatever I had originally intended, for me to get killed-im, crucified...Anyhow-you see?

'You win,' said Richard. 'It does make sense that way. I'll have to think about it.'

'There's something else, though,' said Davy. 'The other characters-made up ones. Invented ones. If Van invents characters, they'll all, even the bad ones, have something of Van in them, won't they? So, you see? We all have something of God in us-God's spirit-but only the One, Jesus, Is God Incarnate. But God's Spirit in us...Well, that makes the Trinity, doesn't it? God the Father, God the Son, And God the Holy Spirit. Actually, I've never seen it so clearly myself. More tea?"

New to the book shelf...

Today I added a few more books to my ever expanding collection.

(newly purchased)
1. Selected poems of Emily Dickenson
2. The three Musketeers-Alexandre Dumas
3. The best short works of Mark Twain-Mark Twain

(currently reading)
1. The Wind in the Willows-Kenneth Grahame
2. Catch-22-Joseph Heller

(recently finished-today)
1. A Severe Mercy-Sheldon Vanauken

Look for my review on "A Severe Mercy" here at The Blanket soon...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


(A few thoughts that are scrambled at best, by a young man searcing for answers. Tyring to process through a few things. By no means should any of the proceeding remarks be taken as authorative.)

Thanks to a recent post by Terry I have been thinking about suicide a little bit more than usual. Suicide to me seems pathetic. The thought of it really shows how incomprehendable we are of God adn all He has done and provided for us.

Why would anyone wish to end their life?

What puts you in the perspective of my life is not worth living?

And how can immediate and deliberate death be a good answer to the problems you might be facing?

There was a period in my own life where suicide crossed my mind a couple of times. I was unable to commit to the deed each time the thought or plan was made though. I used to say it was because I was a wuss(this is very true though). But now I see it a bit differently. When processing through the desperation of wanting to take my own life, I came to a couple of conclusions.

a. I was searching and not finding
b. I was alone and longing to be loved

But why did I have this overwhelming emotion to end my God breathed life? Was I really so dissatisfied with my life that I was willing to choose death, (and most certainly space, seperation and void) over a life of fulfillment, joy, and protection?

The truth is I was sticking my middle finger to Christ and giving him a B.A. in "thanks for nothing!" I was seperated from something or someone that I knew I needed and connected with. I just wasn't able to do the paint by numbers as well as other people. I knew however that ending life itself, would have only made my problem far worse. For if I don't believe in God, then I would cease to exist on the moment of my exit of this world.

I came to a realization of how God has given us much to live and appreciate here on earth. He has given us free will. He provides us everything and is in un-competed control! He is the reason for living.

When suicide comes into the picture, disatisfaction with Christ and what He is doing in our lives is on the top of the "Clues for Dissatisfaction" list. It shows how untrusting, unworthy, and unfaithful we are. We are incapable of handling the situation. And logic would prove that we need to lean and depend on Christ, but so many do not. If we can't handle what He has imparted to us here on earth, whats to say that we will EVER be able to handle heaven, let alone Christ Himself.

If we are incapable of trusting Him with our lives now, why should He trust us later? Suicide is merely an escape from where God has placed us. It is a fatal blow to any hope we had/have in Christ. I can't help but think of suicide as a sin which completely severes ones possibilities of a relationship with Christ. And if there was a "previous" relationship, where does that stand or what does it look like after the action is commited? Is suicide ever justified? I really can't believe hat in any situation it is permissable, but who am I to judge or make these decisions?

In conclusion I realize that I am not a wuss for stearing clear of the suicide bandwagon. I am wise to believe and trust that Christ has everything under control. As long as I am faithful to Him, my doubts, fears, and questions will at some point be settled.But if I seperate my "life" from Christ, I truly have nothing at all. I am grateful to be considered a child of God. I am even more grateful that He considers my life worth living...

Thoughts, Comments, Suggestions...All ARE Welcome

Monday, January 23, 2006


What is constant? What is Divine?
What can fill this heart of mine?
What is missing in my life?
What is out there for me to find?

Is it in the sky,is it in the sea
Is out there for me to beleive
Is it in my heart, is it in my soul
is out there forme to behold
Is it in thetunes, is it in the songs
Is it int he poems of the ones who are gone
Is it in the shows, is it in the dance
Is it in the sighs of a lovers romance
Is it in the stars, is it in the moon
Is it in the longing to be loved soon

Who is constant? Who is divine?
Who can fill this heart of mine
Who is missing in my life
Who is outthere for me to find

Who is in the sky, who is in the sea
Who is out there for me to believe
Who is in my heart, who is in my sould
Who is out there for me to behold
Who is in the tunes, who is in the songs
Who is in the poems of the ones who are gone
Who is in the shows, who is in the dance
Who is in the sighs of a lovers romance
Who is in the stars, who is in the moon
Who is in the longing to be loved soon

He is constant. He is divine
He can fill this heart of mine
He was missing in my life
He was out there for me to find

He is in the sky, He is in the sea
He is out there for me to believe
He is in my heart, He is in my soul
He is out there for me to behold
He is in the tunes, He is in the songs
He is in the poems of the ones who are gone
He is in the shows, He is in the dance
He is in the sighs of a lovers romance
He is in the stars, He is in the moon
He is my God, who is missing me too

I've got a little fear, and a lot of awe
Standing in the presence of my God
I'm glad to be here, sitting at His throne
Finally near, not feeling alone

He reached out his hand, called me His son
In a fathers embrace, He welcomes me home 2x

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wake up call...

Hi ho, Kermie THE Frog here...with your latest Hyderabad news...

A couple nights ago "Big Bird" and I had plans to pick up some friends from the airport. Now "Grover" wished to come too and said he would be ready by 11:45. So a little after midnight "Big Bird" and I walked downstairs to get "Grover". But "Grover" was not answering the door. We tried knocking, door bell ringing, cell phone calling (it was in another room), and we thought about throwing rocks through his (non-glass) window to see if we could hit his door. We could see that the light was on, but "Grover" was just not getting up. So we decided to go across the way to "Elmo's" house. We thought we would be able to bang on the wall and try and wake him up that way. Then we saw that there was a 3x4 deck area. We could see "Grover's" window. We searched the house for anything long enough to bang on the window with. I quickly found a mop. After about ten minutes of pounding and thinking "Oh please Lord, don't let him be dead" (thoughts like, perhaps he slipped in the shower, or had a heart attack were streaming through my little muppet head.) After seriously banging and calling out "Grover's" name for about ten minutes, I saw a shadow in the room. And the window being propped open. I yelled, "Hey, Grover, its time to go to the airport to pick up "Bert" and"Ernie". He quickly came to the front door and soon we were on our way to the airport. On the way to the airport "Grover" told "Big Bird" and I that he thought it was crazy birds at his window again... possibly the same ones that starred in Hitchcocks "The Birds." We laughed at this. At the airport we found out that the arrival of "B and E" was going to be a while. This while, turned out to only be about a 2 and half hour wait for "Bert" and "Ernie", but it was good to see friends again once they did step into view.

Overall... it was a very fun and interesting night. Gave me a few scares, but it was worth it.

Also no Muppets were hurt in this dramatic presentation...

Kermit The Frog signing off...

12 days at the dentist

12 days at the dentist
11 hundered cash receipt
10 hits to make me numb
9 years of being dumb
8 cavaties
7 nights of ice cream
6 stiches in each cheek
5 butt shots
4 better teeth
3 root canals
2 plastic crowns
and removal of a couple wisdom teeth that i dont need

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

We did it!!!

I am proud to say that the Portland Trail Blazers have won four straight games. Portland has not won four in a row since 2004. I am excited to see Portland play with such heart these days. Having the second youngest team in the league (youngest active roster) Portland is taking stides to becoming a force in future years of NBA basketball. Now lets hope we can rest up and get another win when Dallas comes to town on Sunday!!!

In other news. Two of Portlands youngest players were recently sent to the NBa's development league. Martell Webster and Sergei Monia played in their first game for the Fortworth Flyers. Both played 19 and 17 minutes respectively...each scoring 11 and 8 points to help boost the Flyers to a win over the Austin Toros.

As far as the devolopment league goes...I think this a great opportunity for young players being drafted right out of high school or only a few years of college to get some quick experience playing at a competive level and honing in on their skills. We should see Webster back in a Portland uniform soon. As for Monia...not sure it will be as soon...

"The requirement for true intimacy is chunks of unhurried time." -John Ortberg

A quote from "Everybody's normal till you get to know them." I also recommend that you pick up this great book on community.

Monday, January 16, 2006

God on the beach

"Newquay, the surf capital of the UK, was heaving with young clubbers and surfers, each one desperate to live life to the full, eager for experience, ready to ride the waves and hit the heights.

Into this chaotic carnival dropped Michael Volland: dj, surfer and team member in a beach mission 21st-century style. There was just one problem: Michael was not all that convinced that God would turn up.

The events that followed blew the mind of the reluctant evangelist."

I recently finished this amazing book. A young man spends three summers doing a mission on a beach front in Newquay. From DJ's,surfing, to prayer, to conversations with drunk men and women, to late night (early morning) conversation about God and His relevance to mankind, to bottled water chats on the ocean front, to drug dealers being convicted that Christ is the One true God and eventually to a Young man going from scared and untrusting in his Faith with Christ to a man (in year three)who leads a small team to do ministry in Newquay and has an amazing impact on the lives of those visiting and living in the area.

I recommend this book for anyone (though it hits home with a high school/college age student more)who is looking for new ministry opportunities or who wishes to hear of some freakishly amazing stories on Faith and how it changed ones man change many lives. They are stories you have heard before, but Mike tells them in a fresh and relevent way. You will be anxious to see what happens next and anxious to walk out your front door and impact lives for Christ.

IF you do read this book, be prepared to want to immediately get involved somehow in a ministry. You will want to express your faith in a more brilliant and passionate frame of mind than you ever thought of doing before. Your will to do ministry will be heightened and also a little bit more equiped to just jump into sharing your faith with anyone and everyone. You will also be stimulated to come up with some of your own thoughts and ideas on sharing your faith with those who you come in contact with each and every day.

Although you may never get the chance to read this book...I still needed to give it praise. I hope to implant some of the things that effected me in this reading into my own ministry and faith in the very near future.


Sunday, January 15, 2006

Un-Quotable quotes of Sunday

This Sunday was a very interesting one. The announcements (lasting nearly a half an hour)were disturbing to put it mildly. It took every single mature, forgiving, and understanding fiber in my body, to not stand up and shout that what the "announcer" was saying was outright CRAP!! And when I say crap I mean crap!

Here are just a few of the days sayings:

"We all love jingles, but God doesn't like them in the church."

Thus, we should never ever ever put coinage in the offering basket because it is below God and doesn't show are gratitude and thanks to Him enough.

"Denzel Washington is a born again Christian."

Ok I might be a little out of the loop here in India...but please someone fill me in...when did Mr. Denzel have this major epiphany to become a Christian. Is this real?? Or was the scoff in my head and mumbled rebuke uncalled for??

"Because it is your birthday...and God has blessed you to this point, you should therefore pay for the entire Churchs lunch this coming Sunday. If you are unable to do this...please try to share the burden with the other birthdays and anniversarys of the week...or we can work out a special offering where you can give to the cause."

When my ears heard this I can say that I was more than a little disturbed. I actually lost my breathing capacity for a few moments. Can someone please point out where this might fit into A. Celebrating a birthday and B. the Biblical perspective of paying for someone elses meal (preferable non-veg) on your own birthday? Don't get me wrong, if you are capable of doing something like paying for the entire congregations meal by all means do it (if you wish), but should this be a requirement???

I am sorry if I have outright OFFENDED anyone by the posting of these quotes. No animals, trees, or young children were abused in this study.

Please me out here. Am I a complete nutcase or violator of the Christian Faith because I completely disagree with this?

Apalled and confused...

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Today I feel like...

It is one of those wierd days...

You know...where you wish you were someone else or just in a different world...

Today I wish I was Johnny Depp!!!

Don't laugh...we all can dream...and my dreaming has led me to want to be captain Jack Sparrow!!!

Working it out

So, recently I have decided to do a daily workout. This is not running five miles every other day. This is not lifting crazy heavy weights. What this is, is Ben trying to lose the flat tire or flab dominals he has achieved this year from all of the rice intake! I have actually lost 15 pounds this year and dropped a pant size...but for some inexplainable stomach has decided to grow!!! So here is what I am doing to help change it. Let me know if I should be doing something else.

50 Push ups
50 Sit ups
100 Crunches
Various stretches

Thats all for now...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Red, Green, Yellow and Blue
I can only count zero to nine
But I can skip you anytime
Watch out for the draw two's
A wild is in my sights
And draw four is my favorite
Remember I can still reverse you

Heres the key to having fun
Just disperse of all your cards
Which isn't all that hard
And when you have just one
Just shout out "UNO"
Hope your number or color shows
And when it does come

Well my friend, you've won
And the fun has just begun


I'm moving in strange directions now
My mind races and fear is inhaled
Do I really have to make decisions?
Could I really leave this town?

My heart is telling me to dance
Yet the wiser side tells me to weigh
All options could lead to destruction
But no decions offers no chance

Have I come this far to be setback?
To hover in a corner holding dreams inside
Everything I believed now suppressed and quiet
Because I'm tireed of all the flack

There was a time I truly believed
I knew I could do almost anything
And yet my faith in myself is slipping
It has been fading since I was concieved

I'm sure everything will work out perfectly
Right this moment I need to get over me...


His time has come
He waited far too long
This visit will be depressing
But at least he'll get a fix
We'll make him numb enough
The pain just might kill him though
He hasn't been in years
Possibly from overwhelming fear
The knowledge of just how bad it is
Pretty sure he will lose some
Some are chipped, some are gone
Put in the novacaine
Work all day long days on end
The refurbishing will take weeks
But this is what he needs
I cannont tell you what
Or how much it cost
What he lost or gained
But he hopes never again
To sit in that chair
That awful plastic throne
With a mouthful of pain
He just wants to go home

So children. learn from his mistake
Take your toothbrush and use it everyday


Long car drives late at night
A sunrise was the best date of my lfie
An explosion in the sky
When I knew I had found something right
Conversations of our truths
I needed more time with you

Theres a U-haul box on my floor again
Reminding me of a real good friend
Thousand memories locked up tight
They'll be gone by daylight

old photos, ticket for Chicago
Bumper sticker and Frosty spoons
Lost cellphone, please call home
All reminding me of you

Red Robin, was our place to eat
Taco Bell on Sunday afternoons
Seattles Best, has good coffee
Dairy Queen was great fun too

Running on a deserted beach
singing tunes at the top of our lungs
Michael W. Smith, "Do you dream of me?"
And the most confusing love song

To these I say so long...

The dreams are pack, I wont look back
Lifetime memories are slipping, fading
To be Goodwills soon
And inescapable you, Can't haunt me anymore
Because I've pushed you through a keyless door

I'm getting over
Yea, I'm really over
I'm surely over
Finaly over

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Five Again

Tell me friend once again
Don't you wish you were five once again
You know play all day
Make believe and dreaming life away
Singing songs in long Johns
To put on a show for dad and mom
Playing air guitar in the car
While we were rocking out to "Heart"
Waking at 4AM still in your "jams"
As Ninja Turtles save the world again
And oh what fun on VH1
When Michael Jackson owned the nation
When girls were our world
And we chased them around the tilt a whirl
So tell me friend remember when
You were five, and so perfectly innocent

Oh can't we go back to then???

Monday, January 02, 2006

New Years song

So this is the New Year of tries
Where we hope to fortify a few more lives
To bring them closer to our side
And to love them just like Jesus Christ
‘Cuz that’s what he would do in my mind

Whether were wrong or were right
Doesn’t really matter on this night
So we will let this fire burn inside
To let them know everything is just fine
And in the end we come out alright

These days we teach ourselves to stand up tall
Hoping our tradition will break the fall
Just another hand me down habit
An organism to difficult to kick
I’m really get sick of this

I’m tired of a paper framed religion
I’m tired of all “your” so called wisdom
Forgettable knowledge that you know
How does that really help me grow?
Whatever happened to the soul?

Do we love or do we correct?
Do we judge or do we connect?
Do we smile like plastic dolls?
Do we change lives at all?

So, here’s to the converts
Here’s to the fools
Here’s to the rejects
Here’s to the used
Here’s to the lovers
Here’s to the dreamers
Here’s to the believers
In the real truth
Cheers for a new year
Where I hope to meet You